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Cayman Enterprise City Newsletter

Cayman Enterprise City’s Economic Impact Over a Decade Has Reached USD 662 Million!
CEC is proud to release its annual Economic Impact Report for 2021. This independent assessment authored by leading Caribbean economist Marla Dukharan outlines the significant contributions the CEC development project and the businesses set up within it have made to the Cayman Islands economy since its inception 10 years ago, as well as projects the future benefits of the project for Caymanians, local industry, government, academia, and non-profit organisations.

Key highlights include:CEC has improved the competitiveness of the Cayman Islands, which is now home to the largest innovation ecosystem in the region.The proportion of Caymanians working at CEC SEZ companies is now up to 1 in 6. We anticipate this number growing significantly as a result of the Enterprise Cayman NPO’s expanding contributions to the workforce development sector.The Enterprise Cayman initiative continues to actively contribute to the preparation of the local workforce for the industries of the future, promoting lifelong learning and enabling greater economic mobility.Through transparent reporting, community building, and sustainable development initiatives, we aim to demonstrate the capacity of the CEC development project to innovate and diversify Cayman’s economic base, create resilience, offer immense value, and continue to distinguish our jurisdiction as a world-class hub for innovation.

Charlie Kirkconnell 
CEO, Cayman Enterprise City 
Economic Impact Assessment
Written by Marla Dukharan, global economist and leading advisor on Caribbean region economic performance initiatives, the report assesses the economic and socioeconomic impact of the CEC development project and demonstrates the project’s substantial impact on the Cayman Islands economy.  
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Charlie and Cindy Share Their 10 Year Journey at CEC
The CEC project has spent the past 10 years serving the needs of our community by helping to diversify our economy. We caught up with Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Kirkconnell, and Chief Development Officer, Cindy O’Hara, who have been involved in the project from the beginning to see how far CEC has come and what the plans are for the future.
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CEC Talks DAOs in Cayman at Exclusive Event
CEC hosted an event to discuss the new frontier of digital development – Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAO). DAOs present a unique opportunity for the financial industry in Cayman, and what started as a small event quickly expanded to over 100 attendees in a matter of hours.
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100WF partners with CEC to launch Youth Code Club
100 Women in Finance alongside Enterprise Cayman, a non-profit workforce development initiative by Cayman Enterprise City, recently joined forces to close the gender gap in technology and introduce mentees in GirlForce 100 to programming careers.
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Building Opportunity Within the Cayman Islands

Enterprise Cayman, CEC’s workforce development initiative, is preparing the next generation of Caymanian innovators. The programme provides access to high quality learning experiences and opportunities for CEC community members to get involved. 

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Young Caymanian wins Enterprise Cayman’s Business Design Competition

25-year-old George Wauchope claimed the top prize of USD $10,000 plus various business startup support services at the second annual Business Design Competition, hosted by Enterprise Cayman.

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