July 27, 2021

Cayman Drama Society: Upcoming (online) events and summer camps!

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We are opening booking for our summer “play in a week” camps, in the hope that they will go ahead. This may mean alrerations are made and there is not a live final show but a recorded one instead, or that audience is distanced and severely reduced. If we are in a situation nearer the time where we are not allowed to run, then a FULL REFUND will be given to all bookings made. But if you do wish to go ahead and book a place, use DISCOUNT CODE: Earlyb1rd2020 at the checkout by July 1st, and book at www.cds.ky/classes *Please note, there will only be 12 places per camp this year.*
If you have found yourself in a different financial situation due to COVID-19 and would be unable to attend without assistance, please get in touch as we have begun a small fund for scholarship places. There are a very limited amount available as these rely on donations, but reach out and we will support you where we can!


We are aware that part of the fun of our theatre is chatting in the foyer and the bar after the show, and that some of you may be missing that type of engagement.

SOOOOO this Friday, for the second time, we will be hosting an online happy hour where you can come and chat about what you have been watching. Whether this is a Netflix binge, one of our online offerings, you working your way through the greatest movies of all time, or the online theatre offerings that have become available in this time – we will talk with you about it!

So pop in and tell us what you have been watching, and maybe even get some recommendations yourself.

The catch – you have to bring your own drinks this time (sorry!)

If you want to join us email [email protected] and we will send you the meeting link.

Friday 5th June 5.30-6.30pm


We will be recording a read-through of the Oscar Wilde classic to celebrate our 50th year anniversary online! This should be available on Sat 13th June (technology permitting!). Keep your eye out and we will let you know when it is coming.


We will behosting a theatre and movie quiz vid chat on Sat 20th June at 8pm. Grab a pen and paper and join us for some fun and some challenging trivia questions, so that we can find some light and connection during this difficult time. This is our fifth (and hopefully final?) quiz night, and it will be a celebration of 50 years of CDS!

To join the quiz please email [email protected] for the link as we will use our online meeting forum to enable a smooth online event. It may still be best to have a two devices so you can video chat your team throughout too, and discuss answers.

*You can play on your own, with your family, or with anyone else you can connect with via online means (If your quiz-mates do not live with you, feel free to arrange a group chat with them via WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage or any other means so that you can confer during)
*Solo players will automatically get an extra point per round (five rounds) due to the lack of other brains to bounce things off 😛
*Each team will require a team name (you can make it fun), and must designate one person as captain. It will be this person’s job to keep score, and let us know how you are doing!
*You will have to self-mark these so there will be an element of honesty required, there is no prize other than PRIDE so you will only be cheating yourself. It is all about the fun and the connection!
*Please do not type the answers in the live chat, have a pen and paper or an open document to type in and mark your answers after each round.
*Most importantly, do not look up answers (or any aspect of the question) online. Please don’t phone or text people outside your team to find the answers.
*All ages are welcome but we cannot edit or monitor anything that is typed in the live chat so please play with a guardian (this would be a great all-family fun activity for 12+).
*We HIGHLY recommend you use headphones as this can help any audio issues on the night.

Let’s have fun and connect on Sat 20th June!

SHARE SHARE SHARE. See you then 😀 

Stay safe and stay home, Cayman!

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