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Cayman Delegation at Westminster


Cayman delegates

GEORGE TOWN, 15th April 2024 | Delegates from the Parliament of the Cayman Islands
attended the 72nd Westminster Seminar last month, organised by the Commonwealth
Parliamentary Association UK (CPA UK). This flagship event, held in London from 11th to 15th
March, served as a platform for parliamentarians from across the Commonwealth to delve into
critical topics shaping effective legislative governance. The seminar’s key outcome was to
enable delegates to enhance their ability to effectively scrutinise, represent, and deliver
oversight in their respective legislatures.

The representatives from the Cayman Islands were: Hon. Sabrina Turner, MP, Minister of Health
& Wellness and Home Affairs; Mr. Christopher Saunders, MP, independent member of the
Opposition; and, Ms. Nordra Walcott, Assistant Clerk. The Caymanian representatives were
joined by nearly 70 delegates from 28 legislatures, from as far as Australia, Asia Pacific, and Africa,
to our neighbours in Bermuda and Jamaica.

CPA Group Photo

Hon. Turner expressed her appreciation of the experience, stating that “the seminar provided an
invaluable platform for exchanging knowledge, best practices, and fostering meaningful dialogue
among parliamentarians and parliamentary staff”, adding that she “returned to Cayman inspired
and equipped with insights to further strengthen our parliamentary processes and serve our
constituents with diligence.”

The week-long seminar began with Commonwealth Day celebrations, including a seat inside
Westminster Abbey for the Service of Celebration attended by members of the Royal Family and
dignitaries. The remainder of the hallmark seminar brought Parliamentarians and staff together
for four days of panelist presentations spanning a wide array of topics around the broader theme
of effective parliaments.

Hon Sabrina Turner

Amidst engaging breakout sessions, Hon. Turner and Mr. Saunders participated in discussions on
Parliamentary Systems Analysis, the Responsibility of Members in Effective Parliaments, and
Pressures and Challenges facing MPs. They also explored topics such as Leadership and
Communications Skills, Democracy in Action, and Codes of Conduct, gaining valuable insights to
enhance their legislative roles and responsibilities.

Drawing on her expertise, Hon. Turner was asked to be a guest panelist for a session focused on
the pressures that Parliamentarians face; the Minister shared insights with delegates on the
balance parliamentarians must find between their legislature, government posts, political
parties, and constituencies.

MP’s Breakout Session

Simultaneously, Ms. Walcott and other parliamentary officers attended sessions tailored to their
expertise, including discussions on the responsibility of Officials, Parliamentary Systems Analysis,
and Managing and Balancing effective working relationships with elected Members. They also
discussed Time and Resource Management, as well as Leadership and Communications Skills,
crucial for the unique role of supporting the efficient functioning of parliamentary processes.
In shared sessions, both Members and Clerks collaborated with counterparts from across the
Commonwealth on pertinent issues such as Committees, Reports, Scrutinizing the Executive,
Diversity and Inclusion, and Public Outreach and Social Media. These sessions facilitated
invaluable knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities, strengthening parliamentary ties
and fostering greater collaboration among neighbouring nations.

Distinguished guest speakers provided invaluable insights and perspectives, enriching the
seminar discussions and inspiring collective action towards parliamentary excellence. These
panelists included: The Speaker of the UK House of Commons, the Rt. Hon. Sir Lindsay Hoyle,
Members from the House of Lords and House of Commons, and esteemed Members and Clerks
from across the Commonwealth.

Nordra Walcott Breakout Session

As part of the educational seminar experience, delegates had the privilege of visiting the Welsh
Parliament (Senedd Cymru) in Cardiff, further broadening their understanding of different
parliamentary systems and practices outside of the House of Commons. The lessons learned and
connections established at the 72nd Westminster Seminar will serve the Parliament
Management Commission as it continues its journey towards enhancing legislative governance.


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