November 24, 2020

Cayman cookout – the very best of Caribbean Cuisine

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Cayman Cookout offers the very best of Cayman, Caribbean, and world-wide cooking.

Being billed as the “Caribbean’s premier epicurean event,” Cayman Cookout – four days of mouth watering indulgence in January – seems set to help make Cayman the Caribbean’s culinary capital.

The Cookout – a long weekend (from January 12 to 15) of ultra high-end food and wine events, organised by the Department of Tourism, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and Food & Wine Magazine, will take place at many different venues across Grand Cayman, but will centre on the Ritz-Carlton hotel and its environment.

Last year, one of the opening events included a super-posh-nosh beach barbeque, complete with sand sculptures shaped like overflowing wine bottles and huge cheeses, lifelike enough to fool the smartest greediest rat in the world.

Internationally renowned chefs such as Eric Ripert will join with wine experts in cooking demonstrations for budding chefs, wine buffs and people who just love to taste the very best of food from Cayman, the region, and the world.

High class culinary events include “Canada Meets Cayman” with Paul Rogalski, the co-creator of the highly acclaimed Rouge Restaurant. Mr Rogalski was once an avid diver and cook in Cayman, and he’ll be telling his guests all about his passion for cooking with sustainable seafood.

Cayman Cookout offers the very best of Cayman, Caribbean, and world-wide cooking.

At another event taking place at Tiki Beach, the grills will be manned by expert chefs Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain and José Andrés, while local artisans and crafts people demonstrate their craft to the sound of steel drums.

The Brasserie Restaurant in central George Town will be the place to learn more about eating the best and freshest  from Cayman’s own fishermen and farmers straight to the restaurant’s tables, with Chef Dean Max.

The climax of the Cookout is bound to be the Ultimate Dinner Party, held at Camana Bay, and will be a time when executive chefs from local restaurants will be welcoming a host of celebrity guests to their kitchens.

 (Photos by: Christopher Tobutt)

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