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Cayman Construction Notice: East End Affordable Land Lots

The Ministry of District Administration and Lands (MDAL) with support from the Public Works Department (PWD), advises of the commencement of construction activities for the “Construction of Roadways and Storm Water Management (SWM) at East End Affordable Land Lots” project, located at Block 75A, Parcels 40REM1, 41, 42 & 362.

The project, undertaken by Island Paving (IP), aims to develop roadway and storm water management infrastructure. Upon completion, it will provide access to approximately 50-55 affordable residential land lots, enhancing accessibility and facilitating community development.

The contract for these vital infrastructure projects was executed between MDAL and Island Paving on 9 January 2024. With a construction duration of 8 months and 3 weeks, the project is projected to conclude by November-end 2024.  Approval for this project has been obtained from relevant agencies including the National Roads Authority (NRA) and the Department of Planning, ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations and standards.

As construction commences, it is essential to note that the site is an active construction zone. Entry is restricted to authorized personnel only, including employees of the contractor, inspection agencies, MDAL, Lands and Survey, and the Design Consultancy and Project Management sections of PWD.

Additionally, the community and road users are advised that construction activities, including noise from jackhammering of rock and construction related activities will be ongoing throughout the project duration. MDAL urges residents and road users to exercise caution and patience during this period, and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

For further inquiries regarding the project management/development, please contact, Project Manager, Cherry-Ann Mungroo of PWD at [email protected] or 244-4876

For more information on the Ministry of District Administration and Lands visit


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