September 19, 2020

Cayman Christian Heritage


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If you were passing by Elmslie Memorial United Church on the waterfront around 10:30am last Sunday (20) you may have thought you had fallen into a time warp and had gone back a few years.

It was Elmslieā€™s Caymanian Christian Heritage celebration and all their members were asked to wear an item of clothing to represent some aspect of Caymanian Culture.

So the church was filled with many colourful costumes, mostly worn by the women folk including our very own Publisher, Joan Wilson pictured here. Where did she find that hat?

It was also Youth Sunday and so it was a wonderful mixture of the young and the more mature ones. The youth did the singing and the older ones did the listening. After the service there were lots of delicious desserts to be had and these were made from old Caymanian recipes in keeping with the theme.

Shame on Joan for not bringing any desserts home with her!

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