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Cayman: Celebrations Ltd. promotes long-time staff member to role of General Manager

EO and Creative Director of Celebrations Ltd. Jo-Anne V. Brown (left) and the new General Manager of Celebrations Ltd. Mary Ann Mehigan.

Celebrations Group Ltd. is very happy to announce that, effective 1 Sept., Caymanian staff member Mary Ann Mehigan has been promoted to the role of General Manager of the company.

CEO and Creative Director Jo-Anne V. Brown was delighted to have Mrs. Mehigan accept the position, stating that she has proven herself to be an exceptional leader and consummate professional in the 15 years she has been with the organization.

“Mary Ann started in our events department as a planning assistant, and from the very beginning, it was obvious she was going to be a shining star,” Brown said. “She has worked in every area of the company, jumping in to assist whenever necessary, like the true team player she is.”

Mehigan has been promoted several times during her tenure at Celebrations. She was first elevated to the role of Head Planner, followed by Special Events Manager, and now she is the new General Manager.

“This is not an easy position to fill,” Brown said. “The complexities of the job go far beyond simply managing staff. The candidate must have a true understanding of all facets of the industry; be creative, inventive; and – when necessary – be willing to get into the trenches and do the heavy lifting in order to bring a client’s vision to life. Mary Ann has all of these qualifications, which is precisely why it made perfect sense to offer her the promotion.”

Celebrations Group Ltd. will be celebrating its 29th anniversary on 16 Nov., a welcome milestone considering the challenges that the global pandemic inevitably brought with it. Now, the company is emerging stronger than ever with 34 full-time staff onboard.

Mrs. Mehigan will bring a strong work ethos to her new role, which includes continuing to ensure that members of the team are valued and treated with the utmost respect and, most importantly, supported and encouraged to grow.

“I will be remaining as CEO and Creative Director but will be stepping back from the day-to-day running of the company,” Brown said. “Mary Ann has a passion for what she does, and I know she will continue to keep up the great standards and reputation that Celebrations Group Ltd. has established over the years. I look forward to our very bright future with her at the helm.”


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