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Cayman: Canvassers reminded to exercise quarantine caution

IMAGE Arizona Gov.

The public are reminded that households undertaking COVID-19 quarantine should not be approached by unauthorised individuals including friends and family, delivery personnel or political canvassers.

Individuals who are quarantining at their chosen residence should advise anyone who approaches the household that they are observing quarantine protocols and refuse entry. 

 “The systems we have in place to protect those who quarantine at residence have so far been working well in keeping the general population safe. However, it’s important that we all don’t lose sight of the potential risk that still exists and we continue to each do our part in helping to keep the community safe from COVID-19 says the Director of Travel Cayman, Dr Tasha Ebanks-Garcia.

“In the lead up to the next General Election in May, we naturally expect to see more people canvasing houses hoping to speak to electorates. As with many things in recent times, canvassers must exercise additional caution and consideration this year to protect everyone from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Wesley Howell, Supervisor of Elections.

According to Dr Ebanks-Garcia, anyone attempting to approach a household are advised to take extra care. “It may not be obvious from the outside that a household is in quarantine. There are simple, practical steps which we can take to keep everyone safe such as asking if anyone is in quarantine before making face to face contact or entering a home and respecting their response. A face mask may be worn, particularly when visiting the elderly and frequent hand washing is strongly advised.”

The public and those in quarantine are reminded that anyone found to be in breach of the mandatory quarantine provisions will be warned for intended prosecution and is liable on conviction to a fine of up to ten thousand dollars and imprisonment for up to two years.


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