May 14, 2021

Cayman Brac airport one of top 10 Caribbean airports

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It appears that Government’s continued investment in Cayman’s tourism product is already beginning to pay dividends as Cayman Brac’s Charles Kirkconnell International Airport was named the eighth best airport in the Caribbean this week.

On Tuesday (12 April) Caribbean Journal, a leading regional travel site, released the list on its website and ranking the Cayman Brac airport among the region’s best airports.

Charles Kirkconnell Airport, Cayman Brac has been recognised as one of the Caribbean’s best airports. The sister isle’s airport was ranked eighth on the Caribbean Journal’s list of 10 best airports in the Caribbean 2016.

Charles Kirkconnell International Airport, Cayman Brac has been recognised as one of the Caribbean’s best airports. The sister isle’s airport was ranked eighth on the Caribbean Journal’s list of 10 best airports in the Caribbean 2016.

Topping the list was Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten which it described as “a modern, well-run airport with perhaps the Caribbean’s best duty-free shopping collection this was an easy addition to the top of this ranking. This airport has well-run immigration and, even more importantly, is the Caribbean’s great regional hub, with easy-to-make connections across the region.”

The major criteria for the selection, according to Caribbean Journal, were aesthetics, food and beverage options, shopping and, importantly, customer service levels.

Caribbean Journal, in its selection of Charles Kirkconnell International, said, the “tiny Cayman Brac’s even tinier airport makes a big impression with air-conditioning, free WI-FI, an observation deck, and the friendliest security officers we’ve ever encountered.”

It added, “We look forward to the day when we can fly there directly from the U.S. (which should be soon since CYB has already met TSA requirements).”

Last year Cayman Brac’s Charles Kirkconnell International Airport was also named the Caribbean’s best small airport by the Caribbean Journal website –

In an article published in 5 October, writer Alexander Britell said, “This may be a small airport, but it’s the best small airport in the Caribbean. And one of the best — period.”

Tourism Minister Hon Moses Kirkconnell, speaking with The Cayman Reporter in the airport’s latest award, welcomed the accolade as recognition not just for the airport, but the entire country.

He said he was extremely pleased that the airport received regional recognition as it was a positive development which brings “name recognition” to Cayman.

“Anytime you have an airport that is recognised regionally it is extremely important to the country itself and it shows that we are in the upper echelons of airports,” the Tourism Minister said.

However Mr Kirkconnell, who is also a Cayman Brac MLA, said all credit should go to the staff and management at the airport.

“One of the reasons we got that recognition is because of the hard work of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) and the employees of the airport at Cayman Brac,” Mr Kirkconnell said.

He said it should be noted that when Caribbean Journal was conducting its selection someone physically visited the Cayman Brac and commented on the Wifi speed available, the cleanliness of the airport and “the way the personnel treated everybody.”

“They were a mystery shopper and that was just how everybody is treated,” Mr Kirkconnell added.

Charles Kirkconnell International Airport beat Curacao International Airport and Aeroport International Aime Cesaire International, Martinique for the eight spot. They were ranked ninth and tenth respectively.

Last year Mr Kirkconnell was also honoured by Caribbean Journal as Caribbean Tourism Minister of the Year 2015 in the second annual Caribbean Travel Awards hosted by the Caribbean Journal.

Cayman Airways Ltd was named the Caribbean Airline of the Year 2015 and The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman was the named the Caribbean Hotel of the Year 2015.

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