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Cayman Brac Agriculture Show a success

Agriculture Minister Kurt TibbettsCayman Brac produced another well organised and enjoyable Agriculture Show on Saturday, 29 March, 2014, on the Agriculture Grounds.

Members of Government along with individuals from Grand Cayman travelled to support the annual event. Also attending were dignitaries visiting from Turks and Caicos and Jamaica.

More than 1,000 people turned out to see bounty from the land, livestock, crafts, exhibitions, demonstrations, hear words of welcome, eat local food and visit. The Show had a family atmosphere with entertainment for all ages.

Awards also went out in various categories: Magarito Chantilope was crowned King of Show and given an award of appreciation for his lifelong dedication to agriculture in the Sister Islands; Estella Ryan won Champion Exhibitor for Arts and Crafts; Tadd McFarlane was awarded Champion Cattle Farmer; and the Champion High School was Spot Bay Primary.


A gift of coffeeA gift of coffee – Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, left, receives a gift of Jamaican coffee and programme from a Jamaica Agriculture show from Senator Norman W. Grant, President of the Jamaica Agriculture Society. Photos: Tammie C. Chisholm

Agriculture Minister Kurt Tibbetts – Cayman Islands Minister of Agriculture Hon. D. Kurt Tibbetts helps open the show.

Looking over the produce – Turks and Caicos Minister of Agriculture Amanda Misick, left, Jamaica Agriculture Society President Senator Norman W. Grant, Turks and Caicos Agriculture Director Margaret Kalloo look over part of the bounty along with Cayman Islands Deputy Director of Agriculture Brian Crichlow.

McLaughlin, Grants, Kirkconnell – Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin welcomes Jamaica Agriculture Society President Senator Norman W. Grant and his wife Millicent to the Show along with Deputy Premier Hon. Moses Kirkconnell.

Mr. Chantilope – FrLooking over the produceom left, Agriculture Minister Hon. Kurt Tibbetts, Speaker Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Deputy Premier Hon. Moses Kirkconnell listen as Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin reads from the award presented to Margarito Chantilope, second from right. Mr. Chantilope received King of the Show and was presented a special award for his lifelong success in agriculture.

Premier Discusses farming – Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin discusses farming with Turks and Caicos Minister of Agriculture Amanda Misick and Jamaica Agriculture Society President Senator Norman W. Grant.

McLaughlin, Grants, KirkconnellMr. Chantilope named Farmer of the Year (2)Premier discusses farming


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