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Cayman bank lent $240,000 to company owned by disgraced former FIFA officials

webb-300x187From Curacao Chronicle

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands — Former Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) president, Jeffrey Webb, borrowed money from Fidelity Bank in the Cayman Islands on behalf of a sports firm he owned with Jack Warner, his predecessor at CONCACAF, with the help of Webb’s former business partner Canover Watson.

Brett Hill, Fidelity’s chief executive, gave evidence in Watson’s fraud trial that officials at the bank approved a loan in 2011 to JD International for US$240,000 at the request of Webb, who was working at the bank at the time, Cayman News Service reported.

That firm, which was owned by Webb, Warner and Costas Takkas, has also been embroiled in the ongoing FIFA corruption probes.

The jurors heard Monday that Webb had sent questions from the bank about the loan to Watson for help in answering them and securing the money, which the bank was led to believe would be invested in AIS Cayman Ltd, which had won a lucrative contract with the local hospital, but was really owned by Watson and Webb, fronted by two sham directors.

However, the crown maintains in its case against Watson and Webb that the money was never invested in AIS but was used instead to pay off another loan on a house that Webb owned in Atlanta, Georgia.

The loan was granted by the bank for three months and the cash went first into the AIS Cayman Ltd account at Fidelity, which was controlled by Webb, the only signatory on the account, and then on to his account with Wells Fargo in the US. Hill confirmed that the loan was paid in full after the three months.

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