January 19, 2022

Cayman: Assault on Officers stopped using less-lethal methods

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Just after 3PM on Sunday 12 December, police responded to the Lakeside Villas off Esterly Tibbetts Highway, where it was reported that a disturbance involving a machete was taking place between a man and a woman in the car park area of the complex.

When the officers arrived, the woman approached the officers in a threatening manner and was warned several times, using clear commands, regarding her actions. In an effort to mitigate the threat posed by the woman to the public, the officers and herself, a less-lethal option was taken by the officers to facilitate her arrest in a safe manner, and prevent any further danger to those involved.

The woman was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital for assessment. While there, she continued to be aggressive and threatening towards the officers as well as the hospital staff, and was subsequently admitted for treatment, for her own safety. She received minor injuries during the incident and another man also reported being injured by broken glass.

The matter is under investigation by the police.

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