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Cayman: Alex Panton Foundation 2021 Annual Symposium theme announced

“Youth Mental Wellness: Reflection, Recovery, Resilience”

The Alex Panton Foundation has announced that its 4th annual symposium will take place Saturday February 20th 2021 at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman from 10am – 3pm. 

The theme, “Youth Mental Wellness: Reflection, Recovery, Resilience” recognises the turbulent year that 2020 was for Cayman’s youth. At the symposium, the Foundation will look back on COVID-19 and the effects of the pandemic on Youth Mental Wellness, their recovery efforts during this time and how through programmes such as the Youth Ambassador Programme and the Emotional Literacy Programme, the Foundation is helping to build resilience in our young people.

 “The entire Cayman Islands community along with the rest of the world, has experienced an unprecedented disruption, even more so our youth,” said Jane Panton. “Those that were meant to graduate did so without their classmates by their side and learning was done in solitude at home. It is important that we look back on the last year and help set up our youth with the tools they need to navigate an uncertain future.”

Attendees can also look forward to an update on the Foundation including the Youth Ambassador Programme and the Emotional Literacy Programme launched in 2019. “2020 was a difficult year but it highlighted the importance of the programmes we put in place prior to the pandemic and their immediate value. We look forward to sharing the success of these programmes and plans for the coming year with the public,” said Mrs Panton. 

Representatives of the Alex Panton Youth Ambassadors Programme will be speaking. All other speakers will be announced over the coming days.

To register for the 4th Annual Alex Panton Foundation Youth Mental Health Symposium visit 

For information on exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, please email [email protected].

The symposium would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors: Tower, Burger King, Health City Cayman Islands, Maples, Ogier, The Wellness Centre, Aspire, Hope Academy, Infinite Mindcare, RBC Dominion Securities Global, Walkers, and Appleby. 

About the Alex Panton Foundation

The Alex Panton Foundation is a Non-profit Organisation with the primary objective of raising awareness of mental illnesses affecting children and young adults in the Cayman Islands with a particular focus on anxiety and depression.

This Foundation has been established in memory of Alex Panton, who succumbed to the effects of severe depression at the age of 16.

The Alex Panton Foundation aims to provide hope and resources to friends, family, teachers, classmates and careers to help save the lives of children and young adults struggling with mental illness.


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