March 24, 2023

Dance Lab takes off at CNCF

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation, CNCF, commemorates and showcases the diversity of the Cayman Island’s Heritage and on Friday 12th, the foundation held a free night of fun and dance dubbed Dance Lab. The public were encouraged to join in the with the easy dance steps that got everyone grooving to the same tune. Dance […]


I love limericks. They are five line poems written with one couplet and one triplet. The rhyme pattern is  “a a b b a” with lines 1, 2 and 5 containing 3 beats and rhyming, and lines 3 and 4 having two beats and rhyming. Some people say that soldiers returning from France to the […]

Talent pays big bucks in the Cayman Islands

It is happening again. A show, which is fast becoming an integral part of the entertainment calendar in the Cayman Islands, Cayman’s Got Talent. Just when it appeared as if the entertainment scene had nothing more to offer, Nolly Brown, CEO of Nolly Brown Entertainment, surprised the public with the search for talented individuals in […]

Caymanian Dancers are Jamaica bound

Two of the Cayman Islands finest young dancers will be leaving our shores to advance their dancing and academic skills in Jamaica. Dancer Celina Russell, 18, will be going off to Jamaica to attend the University of the West Indies, where she will continue her studies in accounting management. She has also been invited to […]

Agatha Christie, the cheese in the ‘Mousetrap’

She was born 15th September 1890 and died on the 12th January 1976. She has given me the greatest pleasure, leaving me tranquil and craving for more when I am through devouring one of her countless tomes. She is a philosopher of the mundane, a scholar of death, and an exquisite chronicler of decay and […]

Wear Yuh Colours on Jamaican Independence Day!

“A people without knowledge of there past history, origin, are like a tree without roots” – Marcus Garvey Jamaica gained their independence from the British colonial rule forty-nine years ago, on August 6th in 1962 after 307 years of British rule. However even with their independence Jamaica still remains a member of Commonwealth of Nations. […]

Artist Charles Long prepares for new exhibition at West Lane

Charles Long is one of the few – possibly the only Cayman based artist, who has made a living more or less exclusively from his paintings, consistently for nearly four decades. Originally from England, Mr. Long pursued an art foundation course at Farnham College for two years before joining his parents in the Cayman Islands […]