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CASA SEAT focuses February’s agenda on mobility, music and literature

Danny Leon is seen during his visit to Burano in Italy on September 28, 2021 // SEAT
  • Jorge Pereira, Principal Scientific Officer with the European Commission, will talk about the application of 5G in cars, and Assembly Ventures co-founder Chris Thomas will give a talk on investing in mobility
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 11 will have the chance to take part in a workshop where they can learn about electric mobility through simple experiments
  • The exhibition “Fusta i Rodes: skateboard exhibit” will remain until 26 February featuring Olympic skateboarding athlete Danny León as a guest
  • Rodrigo Cuevas and Lucía Tacchetti will offer two intimate concerts and the popular illustrator 72 kilos is presenting his new work Un libro contigo

Barcelona, 25 January 2022 – CASA SEAT is placing mobility at the centre of its February programming with a series of conferences and workshops that will address different aspects of this field. Connected mobility, investments in start-ups in the sector, sustainability and transport will be the key topics to be addressed by leading experts.

The mobility hub attracts international speakers

One of the highlights of the month will be the conference by Jorge Pereira, Principal Scientific Officer with the European Commission, who will be discussing 5G and automated connected mobility on 25 February, in anticipation of the Mobile World Congress. Pereira will explain one of the European Union’s priority strategic projects with a view to creating complete ecosystems around vehicles, road safety and railway operations.

Meanwhile, the second international speaker of the month will be Assembly Ventures co-founder and partner Chris Thomas, who is giving a talk on the 28th about investments in mobility and projects in which venture capitalists pay attention when deciding to invest in this business.

On 19 February, CASA SEAT is offering a workshop on sustainable mobility aimed at children between 5 and 11 years of age, where they will learn what CO2 is, how an electric car works and its advantages over combustion vehicles. This educational activity will be organised through experiments with simple materials such as vinegar and baking soda.

“Fusta i Rodes” features an Olympic athlete

The exhibition “Fusta i Rodes: skateboard exhibit” continues this month and explores the history of this vehicle that combines urban culture, sport and mobility. To complement the exhibition, on 5 February, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games skateboarding competitor Danny León will explain to the public what it means to be an Olympic athlete and an international RedBull rider.

Authors and their insights will have their space at CASA SEAT

On 8 February, journalist Miquel Molina is presenting his new book Proyecto Barcelona, in which he proposes a combination of culture, design, technology, science and urban planning to relaunch the city. A round table will be organised to expand on these reflections, with the participation of Ainhoa Grandes, president of the MACBA foundation; Sara Puig, president of the Joan Miró foundation and Ricard Robles, founder and co-director of the Sónar festival. The session will be moderated by Cristina Salvador, founder of the agency Both People&Comms.

February 9 is the scheduled date to analyse the Mediterranean Corridor project with the presentation of the book La Via Augusta del siglo XXI, by Josep Vicent Boira, geographer and winner of the Carles Rahola Essay Award 2021 for this work.

CASA SEAT will offer a meeting with illustrator 72 Kilos. The Bilbao-born author, with 3 million social media followers, has published three books that have become best sellers. On 11 February he is presenting Un libro contigo, an interactive work that requires the reader’s participation to complete it.

Furthermore, on 12 February Lucía Tacchetti, winner of the Vans Musicians Wanted 2020, will bring her mix of pop and electronic music to CASA SEAT. She will be performing in the auditorium the songs included in her most recent album, Eleté, which made her one of the breakthroughs in electropop music.

The Meet the artist cycle will resume on 23 February, this time featuring the Asturian Rodrigo Cuevas, who describes himself as a “folk agitator” as he fuses traditional and avant-garde electronic music. The singer’s latest work, Trópico de Covadonga, has been a critical and commercial success, and he filled the different venues where he has performed live.

All the activities at CASA SEAT are free of charge with prior reservation of tickets at


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