June 9, 2023

Carvato aims to get more Electric Vehicles on the road in Grand Cayman. 

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Carvato specializes in Electric Vehicles (EVs) automotive and imports 100% battery-powered cars. We are advocates to help pave the way for a more sustainable future in transportation, offering a wide variety of EV makes and models. Carvato assists in making the latest electric cars available to customers in the Cayman Islands, with a diversity of price ranges starting as low as CI$35,000 for a brand-new electric car. We can assist in creating fully customized EV orders or offer more details on some of our latest new arrivals.  

Globally, we have seen a 68% increase in electric vehicles sold in 2022 compared to sales in 2021 and the overall trend shows no indication of demand for EVs slowing down over the coming years.

Emissions from cars and trucks are not only bad for our planet, but they are also bad for our health. Daily exposure to air pollutants is commonly associated with harmful long-term health impacts. Full battery-electric vehicles produce zero emissions and have a smaller carbon footprint compared to gasoline-powered cars, no matter where your electricity comes from (in an ideal world, only through renewable energy sources of course!). 

Driving electric cars on a small island makes a lot of sense since our typical daily driving distances tend to not exceed 30 miles per day. This ensures that your battery source has sufficient power to last multiple days or easily up to a week without the need to recharge on a full battery, this comfortably eliminates the fear of “range anxiety” amongst most new EV drivers.

Safety is another common concern regarding any new technology, especially when it comes to the reliability of your everyday form of transportation. Electric vehicle technology has not been spared in its safety requirements, in fact, new systems and technology often require greater levels of safety and testing than established technology. Not only are EVs generally fully equipped with safety assist features, but their lower center of gravity from the weight of the battery packs strategically placed on the bottom of the car also helps reduce rollovers substantially. 

Not only are EVs safe, but they are also up to 4x more efficient compared to conventional cars. Electric engines are powered by magnetic fields and can outlast a vehicle’s lifespan. Additionally, they require less maintenance and therefore save you time and money on routine service checks and maintenance.

If you are still not convinced about switching to an electric vehicle, factor in your weekly fuel savings. This is another appealing factor for switching to electric driving, as you can save up to 60% on fuel costs for every mile you drive when compared to topping up your car at the gas station. Besides, charging your EV is easy, simply plug it in at the convenience of your home or at one of the publicly available charging stations to charge up your daily power needs. We can help you get the best Home Charging Stations to fit your new EV.

Are you interested in learning more about any of our in-stock electric vehicles or do you want to find out how you can place a custom order for your new EV with us? If you are looking to finance your vehicle, we can assist in securing financing options to help you switch to driving electric today! For more information and to stay up to date with the latest EVs, visit our website at carvato.com and call us at 326 6963, or email [email protected]

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