November 27, 2021

Carnival Cruise extends nude boat ‘Bare Necessities’ tour to two-weeks

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By kalyan Kumar From IB Times

There is great cruise news, coinciding National Nude of July 14. The Big Nude Boat 2021 of Carnival Cruise will be expanding the span of its nude cruise to full two weeks offering more fun in the waters of the Caribbean.

For nudists, this is certainly a bonanza and a great way to celebrate National Nude Day by booking their passage on the longest trip.

According to information, the Big Nude Boat 2021 will sail the waters of the Caribbean in its 31st edition from Feb 14, 2021.

The cruise organizer is Bare Necessities Tour, famous for organizing the clothing free vacations in the world in the last 30 years. It also holds the record of having sailed 75 general expeditions.

The ship “Carnival Legend” is also a favorite of tourists as the sleek, fastest over-the-top boat.

Extended cruise answers a long-standing demand

Carnival Cruise says the longer cruise will address the demand for more days of fun.

For tourists, it would give more time in the sun, skinny dipping in crystal waters, great ports of call, wonderful sea days and unlimited fun aboard.

Nudists believe that the human body is beautiful on its own and clothes put artificial social boundaries.

According to the available schedule, the Big Nude Boat will depart from Tampa on February 14, 2021, and stops will include Mahogany Bay, Cartagena, Colon, Curacao, San Juan, Bonaire, and Nassau. There will be plenty of sea days before coming back to Tampa on February 28th.

 “Bare Necessities” cruises mission, according to the website, will provide relaxing, health-conscious vacation opportunities in non-threatening, natural environments where the appreciation and compatibility of nature and the “unadorned human form can occur.”

A sexy way to travel

Nude cruises are part of a travel trend called nakations. Bare Necessities Tour & Travel based in Austin, Texas has long experience in this line. Bare has been providing the service since 1991 for travelers seeking clothing optional vacations.


On the first cruise, there were only 36 tourists. But in 2013, the number zoomed and it hired a 3000 capacity Carnival Freedom and named it Big Nude Boat. This picture shows the Royal Caribbean’s “Symphony of the Seas” docked during its presentation in Malaga, Spain, on March 27, 2018. Photo: JORGE GUERRERO/AFP/Getty Images

This ship has high octane offerings including casino, dance club, water slide, spa, game room, bars, and restaurants.

Prospective tourists can have a virtual tour of the entire ship in the Bare Necessities’ website.

Nude cruising, it is claimed, offers more freedom and unbridled happiness as a fountain of the “au natural” experience.

However, Bare Necessities have strict guidelines on decorum. It is mandatory for cruisers to carry a towel to sit on surfaces.

An appropriate dress is a must for dining and while entering a port of call for sightseeing.

No photo or video shoot will be allowed in “no photo zones” without permission.

Also, nude tourists should not engage in public sexual activity.

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