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Caring for Life team up to multiply the love!

The Caring for Life Foundation, which was created to raise funds for better healthcare in the Cayman Islands, announces the launch of a multi-faceted campaign to ‘Multiply the Love’ by reaching out to the community through several new initiatives.  The Foundation is seeking the support of the community in bringing much-needed funding to purchase equipment and supplies for the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority.

First is the foundation’s new interactive website,, where donations can be made securely online at the click of a mouse.  Scotiabank has supported this project by donating banking and processing services. “The goal is to facilitate the fundraising process by making it easy for Cayman’s residents, as well as international donors, to contribute any amount they wish,” says Caring for Life Foundation Chairperson, Sharon Diaz of Scotiabank. “The site also provides updates about Caring for Life’s activities and events, and ways to get involved in supporting the foundation. We hope as many people as possible will stay in touch with us via this new communications platform designed to connect us to the community.”

In parallel, a television campaign is being launched, sponsored by WestStar TV, to explain the importance of the foundation, show real-life testimonials and invite viewers to donate and contribute to improving the level of care at Cayman Islands hospitals.

“We all want to be able to count on excellent medical care whenever we or our loved ones need it,” says Jackie Hansen, member of the Caring for Life Board of Advisors. “Going overseas for treatment can be costly and disruptive to families, not to mention the critical time that can be lost. By reaching out and asking all residents to give what they can, here and there, even if it is only a small amount, we know there can be a multiplier effect. If everyone gives a little, we’ll end up with a lot.”

With that goal in mind, a special fundraising initiative is being launched thanks to the generosity of Foster’s Food Fair, where shoppers at the Islands’ many Foster’s stores will be invited to donate to the Foundation right at the register when paying for their groceries.  This campaign will go on throughout the months of February and March and will also help to raise awareness about the importance of Caring for Life and its mission. “We always say ‘At Foster’s Food Fair We Care’, and we hope to demonstrate this by partnering with the Caring for Life Foundation. Their success will impact all of us,” says Ayiesha DaCoteau, Marketing Manager at Foster’s.

Scotiabank is also once again the key sponsor of the foundation’s annual Golf Tournament this Friday, 10 February, at North Sound Golf Club. “”There is limited space available for teams to sign up and we welcome any companies that wish to be added as an event sponsor for this always-exciting event,” says Sarah Hobbs, Deputy Chairperson of the foundation. Other supporting sponsors of the tournament this year are: CUC; Deloitte; Conyers Dill & Pearman; Digicel; Walkers; AL Thompson; BDO; Bodden & Bodden; and Five Continents. Anyone wishing to be a part of this year’s event can contact: Jacqueline Forrester at: [email protected].

The Foundation’s Board of Advisors is dedicating the launch of these initiatives in loving memory of Ms Sharon Hurlstone, one of the Foundation’s Founding Board members, who passed away last week. “Ms Hurlstone will be terribly missed by all of us, and we are very grateful for her dedication to and tireless support of this cause,” says Wil Pineau of the Foundation’s Board of Advisors. “We know she would be proud of these new achievements, and her footsteps along the way have helped us to reach these milestones today.”

Since it was first launched, the foundation has supported a number of projects including the purchase of equipment to test the hearing of all infants born at the Cayman Islands Hospital as well as other needed diagnostic equipment.

Anyone wishing to make a donation is invited to call (345) 945-1722 or donate online at


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