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‘Caribbean’s Next Top Model’ is back *

By Essiba Small From Trinidad Express

Former Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam really came to talk about season three of Caribbean’s Next Top Model (CaribeNTM), but instead the conversation went in the direction of hair and hair extensions.

Admit it! It’s hard to forget that image of Fitzwilliam in a white dress, her hair pulled in a huge bun at the top of her head and two red hibiscuses in her hair, as she held hands with Miss Venezuela, awaiting the results of the pageant.

Fast-forward to now, Fitzwilliam’s hair is in a low bun but she has gone natural and is now embracing her natural curls.

“I have been growing out my natural hair for a while,” she said.

“On Caribbean’s Next Top Model viewers will see me wearing different wigs. Like a bob, a Farrah Fawcett (feathered look), some ponytails and even an afro.”

“Some people will like the different looks, some won’t, so I expect some of my wig looks to be dragged (urban slang for heavily criticised) on social media,” she said and let out that girlish giggle that has become her signature.

Season three of the CaribeNTM, which was taped last June, began on January 30 on Flow 1, formerly Flow TV.

IMAGE: AN EXCITING SEASON: Former Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam, host of Caribbean’s Next Top Model.

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