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Caribbean gay directory launched online – Jamaican woman starts ‘Outpages’

By SHANICE WATSON From The Star Jamaica
A Jamaican woman has developed a business directory called Outpages for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) community and their allies in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

“Let’s document and support our community business owners, and those who’ve stood by us throughout the years,” a recent post on their Facebook page said.

David Isaacs, a disk jock, who identified himself as an ally of the LGBT community, and a client of Outpages, told THE STAR that he believes the venture is a great way to support the ‘pink dollar.’

The pink dollar [refers to] LGBT-owned businesses, and when you spend the money within the communities,” Isaacs said.

He has started advertising his upcoming party through the medium’s Facebook page.

The venture is in its premature stage, having launched its Facebook page just last week. It’s website is not yet active, however, Isaacs believes it is a brilliant idea with great potential.

Interest to persons

“I believe it’s going to grow quick and fast, especially here in Jamaica. It highlights not just myself, but other businesses within the Caribbean that may be of interest to persons seeking to source whatever it is they want,” Isaacs said.

“Funnily, I made a post on my Facebook page about supporting your own, and supporting the pink dollar. That’s when [Outpages] was introduced to me by way of a comment on my post, and a lot of persons who own LGBT businesses were interested,” he said.

Although he has not yet been fully briefed on the packages offered by Outpages, Isaacs said he understands that it will operate similar to other established business directories.

Outpages has been promoting the disk jock’s upcoming party, Velocity, to be held in St Andrew on January 28.

“Velocity is in its fourth year staging and it’s a safe space for everyone to come and have fun, not being judged or feel uncomfortable. We will be having a lot of LGBT persons, a lot of corporate people, and a lot of heterosexual people, who are all my friends,” said Isaacs, who is also known as DJ David.

THE STAR has reached out to the developers of Outpages for further details, however, they are yet to respond.


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