October 20, 2020

Caribbean cruise ports you should avoid


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By From Cruise Fever

Some Caribbean islands are better to visit than others. Some will resonate with us while others won’t based on a number of factors. Consideration of these factors will help travelers choose and enable marvelous memories from our travels.

Beach-Focused Ports Because You Burn Easy

That’s a good reason to invest in good sunscreen, not to skip the entire Caribbean because you burn. There is just too much to see and do there and not just for sun-worshipers…although any sun fan from will tell you the sun is ‘way better’ in the Caribbean. But by way better they mean hotter and stronger. Avoid beaches being a place to avoid in the future by taking steps now to keep from burning. (Ports to avoid: any of the cruise line’s private islands)

Ports Lacking A Substantial History Element

Oddly, I never really thought all that much about the history of the Caribbean except to wish that God had made more islands to visit. To many cruise travelers, every day is beach day, it’s just a matter of which beach. Cruise lines know this and put that information to work, creating their own Caribbean cruise ports in the form of private islands.

For the most part, those cruise line created ports will share the history of where they happen to be. An exception: , pretty much the history lover’s best shot at this topic in the Caribbean.

Commonly Overwhelmed Caribbean Cruise Ports Popular

gets a bad rap for being an iffy cruise port that can have many gigantic ships in for the day. While the interesting half French, half Dutch island can be really crowded, it can also be difficult to navigate those ships in, causing some to just sail right on by. True, but this particular reason to avoid ports can be difficult to define.

How do you know when there will be many ships and when not? There are websites (CruiseTimeTables.com) that will tell us but we probably won’t know for sure until we arrive. If this is of concern: book a tour to get off the ship at that particular place faster by booking a tour.

Accessible Ports With Accessible Attractions

Those with mobility issues have an extra dimension of concern not shared by most cruise travelers. The first stop on that train is to book a ship that is conveniently accessible. Generally speaking, small ocean ships with steep gangways are going to be hard get on and off of. It can be done and I do see those with mobility issues on those ships, but not many and that’s just one part of the issue.b Regardless of the cruise line, the accessibility of attractions at destinations is a big factor to consider. Some ports and the tours offered at them will be more friendly for those with mobility issues than others.

Keep in mind: cruise lines do not schedule stops at places they should avoid for security and safety issues.. Also, the port-related reason for moving ships can change over time, causing a list of Caribbean cruise ports you should avoid to become obsolete rather quickly.

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