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Capacity turnout for Ogier’s first official Cayman blood drive

Ogier’s Cayman team arranged its very first official blood donation drive with the Cayman Health Services Authority recently.

Corporate administrator Alec Pultr, who organised the drive, reported that turnout was at maximum capacity with 16 donors giving blood which, according to statistics, could save up to 48 lives.

Alec said: “For many of us in the group, the Ogier Blood Drive was the first time that we had given blood. The overall willingness to participate was great to see and we will be doing a second round of donations early next year!”

The team all say they felt good about donating, but for one member the event held particular significance. Aveana Watler, an executive legal secretary within Ogier’s Global Support Team, said:

“This was my first time donating blood but due to personal reasons, I thought it would be worth taking part. When my son was born he was premature and needed a blood transfusion as he was only 4.4 lbs. I was extremely grateful for the availability as he went through a few packets. He is doing so much better now, though, and we haven’t needed any special aftercare.”

Aveana added: “I’m proud that Ogier strives to engage in any activity that has a positive impact for the larger community. I’m truly grateful for the blood drives as I was told these can save many lives and, certainly, the availability of blood locally was crucial when my son was born.”

For more information on how to donate blood with the Cayman Islands Blood Bank, go to:


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