December 10, 2023

Caledonian Global Financial Services launches unique securities division

Caledonian Global Financial Services Inc. (CGFSI) announced today the launch of Caledonian Securities Limited (CSL) having achieved regulatory approval from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. With this new brokerage and custody business the Caledonian offering has been bolstered through a globally compliant offshore execution service.  CSL caters to sophisticated investors, including high-net-worth individuals and international businesses, who wish to invest and deploy their deposits on a regular basis while maintaining the integrity of their offshore fund structures.

With a team of 30+ years of combined buy and sell side experience, Caledonian Securities Managing Director – Mr. Nathaniel Orr-Depner or “NOD” as he is affectionately known said “We provide a “traders’ service”, geared toward clients who require more than basic phone orders.” He further stated “What separates us from competitors is the fact that we truly are offshore – operating from Grand Cayman, understanding what the client wants and focusing on compliance with the ever-changing regulation environments give us an edge.”

Caledonian Securities Limited will also offer custody solutions for the safe-keeping of client’s assets with additional access to the full suite of services of the firm – inclusive of FX transactions,  settlement of securities, and assistance in corporate action events. ” The securities and custody business is a perfect enhancement of the firm and we are looking forward to further developments in 2012″ said firm CEO Kobi Dorenbush.

Caledonian has also recently launched the “Caledonian Market Minute” which is a daily progressive trader focused segment on 94.9 SPIN FM. During the 7.45am segment Nod offers an expert analysis on the global stock market from a trader’s perspective. The show is designed to give every investor up to date market news relating to stocks, movements in currency, and events affecting the global market in an effort to help listeners stay informed. Daily updates of the Caledonian Market Minute is posted online at and Caledonian’s facebook page:

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