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C-H-S Reunion

The C-H-S as it was known in 1949

Came about at a very crucial time

When the Island was full of children galore

Yearning for knowledge and ways to explore.

The world out there in all its glory

Was waiting to tell us another story.

There were schools already on the Island I’m sure you’d agree

Doing a great job for all to see,

But the time was ripe for further learning

Not only for 3-Rs were we all yearning.

We wanted to become a new generation

Of business men and women of great dedication

We needed to learn algebra/geometry and biology

Science/Accountancy/typing and of course, geography,

To equip us all for what was to come

In sharing the wealth in this place we call home.

You must all agree folks we’ve come a long way

And never forget to thank God for what we have today.

Thanks also to our teachers who come from far and near

Not only did they teach us but became our friends so dear.

Their names are too many for us to say – except

Of course for the Rev. John R Gray,

Who was teacher and headmaster for many, many years

And whom we’d like to give three great big cheers.

And Rev. George Hicks, God bless his soul

Our preacher and teacher, he played a double role.

In moulding young scholars to do their best

When faced with adversities of life and put to a test.

Rev. George Ricketts was our Latin teacher

He too, played two roles for he was a preacher.

In Bodden Town, North Side and East End too

We loved him lots for he was true.

We’ve come a long way since 1949

An island time forgot so peaceful and sublime.

Our Christian heritage should be given all the credit

For without our faith in God we couldn’t have made it.

These are my thoughts folks in remembering my school days

And we know moments differ in so many ways

So welcome all to past students of C-H-S

God bless you – enjoy our re-union and our togetherness.


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