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Bryce Merren gets jail sentence of 9 years

Caymanian businessman, Bryce Merren, who pleased guilty to one count of conspiring with others  to possess cocaine last December, received a jail sentence of 9 years following U.S. federal court proceedings in Puerto Rico last Thursday (25).

Merren originally had three charges filed against him. The other two, alleging money laundering and drugs possession were dropped as part of the plea deal with federal prosecutors. He was arrested in March 2014 on allegations he was attempting to set up a money laundering operation as a cover to conceal planned cocaine shipments.

In a statement issued by his brother, Randy, it said:

“This is a difficult time for our family, particularly our mother and Bryce’s daughter. I know that my sisters and I stand together today and will continue to stand together to provide emotional support for our mother, our brother Bryce and our niece.

“As a family, we thank our community for its support. We will continue to work hard, hold our heads up, and be a strong part of our Cayman society.”


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