September 21, 2021

Bruce Forsyth’s wife reveals he has ‘problems moving but we still laugh and talk’

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Wilnelia Forsyth said the television legend was ‘doing well’ but there was still some ’emotional pain’

Sir Bruce Forsyth’s wife says he has ‘a bit of a problem moving’ and is rarely able to leave the house.

Wilnelia Forsyth, 59, said she and the enormously popular TV star, who is now 88, have discussed the future when she will have to make a life without him.

Wilnelia said: “He’s the man I fell in love with because his brain is still there. He has a bit of a problem moving but we still laugh and talk.

“I pray, I believe. The main thing is that he’s doing well. The pain is more emotional; sometimes we cry, but mostly we laugh.”

Sir Bruce has not been seen in public in 2016, The Mirror reports , and was not well enough to attend the funerals of friends Ronnie Corbett and Terry Wogan earlier this year.

He suffered a fall at home last October and medical tests showed he had two life threatening aneurysms – swellings of the main blood vessel from the heart – which if ruptured would have proved fatal.

Although the procedure was deemed a “complete success” at the time, his recovery has taken much longer than expected and reports he was “weeks away” from being out and about again and back to normal in April this year proved to be premature.

Wilnelia told You Magazine : “The operation took his energy because of his age, there’s no question about it.

“Some days are better than others. On the not-so-good days he tries to rest. He is in incredible shape mentally but he does get very tired.

“He doesn’t want to do anything publicly until he’s 100% well. I respect that.”

Sir Bruce now spends his days at home in Surrey watching TV, surfing the internet on his iPad.

Sir Bruce is in the Guinness Book of Records for a TV career which began with an appearance in 1939 on BBC’s Come and Be Televised when he was just 11 years old.

After hosting Sunday Night At The Palladium he enjoyed huge success on TV with millions watching him front hits like The Generation Game and Play Your Cards Right before he enjoyed over a decade on Strictly Come Dancing.

He left Strictly at the end of the 2013 series and had his own show, Bruce’s Hall of Fame, in 2014. He performed live at the London Palladium in May 2015 but since then has stayed out of the limelight.

Whilst at home Sir Bruce also has been working hard with a physio to try to get back into shape.

But it’s thought he is not longer well enough to complete his famous morning routine of stretches and exercise which kept him supple for so many years.

Wilnelia said: “He enjoys watching Question Time, we do puzzles and he loves the internet. I used to go to a zumba class to keep fit; now I do it at home in front of him. The children come to stay all the time, so there’s plenty of love around.”

Sir Bruce and Wilnelia met in 1980 at the Miss World competition when they were both judges.

She was 23 and he was 52, and after a two year romance he proposed at Turnberry golf club in Scotland.

For years they have split their time between England and Puerto Rico, flying to Wilnelia’s home country in the Caribbean for the colder winter months so she can see friends and family and Sir Bruce could play golf.

But a planned New Year trip to the island has now been postponed, and they hope they may be able to travel at the end of January if Sir Bruce gets the all clear to fly.

Before that, the pair will have a house filled with around 30 family members for Christmas.

Wilnelia says their son JJ and Bruce’s daughters have been her “rock” in recent months as they have helped Sir Bruce to recover from the operation.

Looking ahead and given their 29-year age difference, Wilnelia told You Magazine they have discussed her future after Sir Bruce dies.

She said: “I don’t think about it too much. I hope I’ll be prepared somehow, but it doesn’t feel real.”

IMAGE: Bruce Forsyth with his wife Wilnelia, a former Miss World, pictured at home in 2005

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