November 27, 2021

British man crushed to death after falling into cement mixer on Caribbean island

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Tragic John Morris, 55, was attempting to dislodge some of the mixture in a revolving cistern when it dragged him in

A British engineer was crushed to death at a cement plant on the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

John Morris was taken to hospital after the horrific incident on Tuesday but later pronounced dead.

Police said that Mr Morris had been using a rod to loosen granular materials with the cistern when he was when he was pulled into it.

The 55-year-old was sucked into the mixture and it took his colleagues at Lutchmeesingh’s Asphalt Plant several minutes to dig him out.

On Tuesday afternoon, officers of the Princes Town Police Station and Southern Division Task Force went to the compound and questioned the management and employees.

According to the Trinidad & Tobago Express , an autopsy was expected to take place on Wednesday.


Mr Morris’s colleagues dug him out of the mixture but he later died in hospital (stock image) (Photo: Blend Images)

The tragedy occurred in Trinidad (stock image) (Photo: E+)

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