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Brit holidaymaker could lose left foot after suffering minor scrape in swimming pool on Caribbean getaway

From Daily Mirror UK

WARNING: Graphic images – Stewart Vine has already had his little toe and part of his foot amputated

A British tourist could lose his entire foot after suffering a minor scrape on a dream Caribbean holiday.

Stewart Vine has already lost his little toe and the side of his left foot after the horror ordeal in Antigua.

But now five months later medics fear they will have to amputate further because his wound has still not healed – leaving Stewart unable to work.

The 55-year-old was on a £2,500 week-long British Airways package to Antigua with wife Sarah when the incident happened.

Three days into the holiday he cut his foot on a sharp object in the bottom of the pool at the three-star Jolly Beach Hotel.

Stewart, from North Tyneside, said: “I got out of the pool and didn’t think it was that serious. It was just a scrape, it wasn’t a deep cut. It was fairly innocuous.”

He put Savlon antiseptic cream on the open wound and thought nothing more of it.

But two days later he came down with a fever during a romantic meal with Sarah and returned to their hotel room where he collapsed.

He added: “The sheets were wringing with the sweat that had come off me. I thought it was sun stroke at first.”

Despite his condition, Stewart thought he was well enough to fly home two days later.

But when his wife woke up she saw Stewart making jerking movements and thought he was suffering a seizure.

“I was babbling but not making sense and having rigors. My wife is a nurse and she thought I was going to die,” he said.

After returning home the pair rushed to hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where doctors said they had no option but to amputate.

Stewart said he has lost his job over the ordeal as he contemplates undergoing more surgery.

Sarah said: “It was like watching my husband thinking he could die. The infection levels in his body were massive.

“It was a holiday to go away and just enjoy being together in the sun. It has affected us massively.”

The couple are now planning to take legal action.

British Airways said: “We are very sorry to hear that Mr Vine has been so unwell following his injury and are speaking to him while we investigate his concerns.”

The Jolly Beach Hotel did not respond to a request for comment.


Stewart Vine and his wife Sarah were on holiday when he scraped his foot in the pool (Photo: Stewart Vine /

Stewart said he has been left unable to work for five months after the ordeal (Photo: Stewart Vine /

Stewart’s minor cut turned nasty after he scraped his foot on the bottom of a pool in Antigua (Photo: Stewart Vine /

Stewart faces losing the rest of his foot after the small scrape got infected (Photo: Stewart Vine /

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