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Bring back the panties, bra, and money that I gave you!

By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian

(Guardian satire) – If you thought that Jerry Springer was the only source for ridiculous post-relationship dramas, then a recent case in neighbouring Trinidad has proven otherwise.

This is because a man whose common-law wife had left him after 15 years together, has decided to take her to court to return all of the monies, furniture and underwear that he had given to her while they were together.

According to the Trinidad Newsday which first broke the story (See link to the story below), the man, Harripersad Maharaj, is threatening to sue the woman to return the items or compensate him for the things that he had given to her, if she does not leave her new husband and take him back.

If she fails to do so, Maharaj wants the woman to return a total of TT$200,000 which he had given to her during their 15-year relationship, in addition to a kitchen sink, a glass showcase, and living room furniture, among other things.

Another TnT online news publication indicated that Maharaj also wants to have all of the clothing and underwear that he had bought for the woman during those 15 years to be returned, if she refuses to take him back.

The man is also peeved at the expenses he had incurred in the past to drive his ex-wife to work, monies he had used to buy her lunch, plus monies he had given her to pay legal fees for a matter that she had before the court.

On the other hand, Mr. Maharaj does not feel that he owes the woman any obligations since it was her who invited him to live in her house (rent free) for those 15 years.

In a letter sent to the woman by the man’s lawyer Stephen Boodram, several other disturbing issues were raised.

The lawyer mentioned in the legal letter that “He (Maharaj) held Chunkee’s (his ex-wife) hands in front of Lord Shiva’s murti and they vowed that they would live as man and wife, – after your husband left you.”

But the man is contending that after 15 years together, the woman left him and went back to the same husband that had left her.

What is even more ironic in the letter is Maharaj claiming that when the woman remarried her husband, he sponsored the food for the wedding, because he really loved his ‘Chunkee’.

Considering all of this, the 80-year-old man thinks that she should take him back.

The man’s lawyer added that even after the woman’s marriage, she was giving her new husband blow (being unfaithful) with Maharaj, who was still sleeping with her.

Several other degrading points were raised about the woman in the lawyer’s letter that was written on behalf of his client, and which was served to the woman at her marital home, pending legal proceedings against her.

But at least two legal minds with whom the Guyana Guardian had spoken, said that the protocol letter penned by the lawyer to request that a woman return the listed items to the man is preposterous and lack morality, since it was obviously designed to embarrass the woman.

“What sort of man would cause his attorney to ask for monies and panties that were given to his former wife during her union with that man. And what sort of attorney would tolerate taking on such a ridiculous case. ……. The Bench in Trinidad should admonish that Attorney”, said one local woman lawyer.

Several online comments also seems to agree that though the whole issue is comical, the man’s legal threat can be considered a form of emotional abuse and public embarrassment targeted at the woman.

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