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Brac Pensioners’ event

Cayman Brac elders enjoy PSPB Pensioners’ Appreciation event

Cayman Brac’s Ashton Rutty Centre was abuzz with high spirits and fellowship during the Public Service Pensions Board’s (PSPB) Pensioners’ Appreciation event on Monday, 24 April 2017.
Hosted by the PSPB in partnership with District Administration to mark the fund’s 25th anniversary, the 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., event was attended with scores of retiree members. Acting Governor His Excellency Franz Manderson, Acting Deputy Governor Gloria McField-Nixon, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Juliana O’Connor Connolly, the Deputy Premier and Minister for District Administration, Tourism, & Transport, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell; the Managing Director of the PSPB Jewel Evans Lindsey, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Kenneth Jefferson and board members Kirkland Nixon and James Walter also attended.
Deputy District Commissioner and master of ceremonies, Mark Tibbetts Jr., welcomed PSPB staff and board members and thanked them for holding the event on the Brac. He quipped about “the six Saturdays and one Sunday” now enjoyed by public service pensioners adding that they deserved it having greatly contributed to the prosperity of the islands.
A prayer and the blessing of food were given by PSPB board member James Watler.
In his remarks, Acting Governor Franz Manderson thanked the retired Brac civil servants for their dedicated service to the Cayman Islands and the PSPB for its probity and professionalism in administering the fund which is now at almost more than US$ $750 million.

As well as welcoming several of the attendees by name, Mr. Manderson added his thanks to the fund’s Managing Director for her “outstanding leadership from its inception.”
He also mentioned his gratitude to the government for its foresight in adding additional money into the fund to address underfunded liability.
In her remarks, the Speaker reaffirmed the debt of gratitude owed to civil service retirees and said that they had laid the groundwork for Cayman’s civil service, describing it as “the envy of the world.”
The Deputy Premier thanked the PSPB for its continuing efforts to afford its Brac members the same opportunities as their Grand Cayman counterparts. He said the public service was important in keeping down the cost of doing business and removing many road blocks to progress in the Cayman Islands.
Mrs. Evans Lindsey in her remarks and vote of thanks expressed her pleasure to be returning to the Brac for the event.  She said she was honoured by the welcome she received which has inspired her to continue to strive to serve the Sister Islands membership better. Pensioners are the “heartbeat of our business”, she said as she announced the introduction of quarterly visits by the PSPB’s member services team who will give group presentations and have one-on-one meetings with members.
In closing, the Managing Director thanked the government, sponsors and stakeholders for defraying the cost of the event.
Formalities over, attendees enjoyed a generous buffet-style meal with local dishes and beverages as well as giveaways/spot prizes and free advice and health screening booths manned by the PSPB, CINICO, Faith Hospital and the Seventh-Day Adventist Community Outreach.
Following the sit-down meal, entertainment was provided by the Brac Fire Band, and enjoyed National Children’s Festival of the Arts gold-medal-winning performances by Brac students.
Earlier that day, the PSPB held its quarterly board meeting at the District Administration Building assisted by District Commissioner and District Administration staff.

Captions and Photos by Elphina Jones:
Acting Governor Franz Manderson, PSPB Managing Director Jewel Evans Lindsey, Speaker of Legislative Assembly and Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell cut the fund’s anniversary cake.
Attendees enjoy a generous buffet-style meal at the PSPB’s Pensioners’ Appreciation event at the Ashton Rutty Centre, Cayman Brac.
A student from Western Primary School recites a poem by Jamaican poet Louise Bennet.
The Acting Governor Franz Manderson gets his sugar levels checked at the Faith Hospital health screening booth.
A young Western Primary School student enjoyed a standing ovation after her lively hip hop performance.
Attendees at the PSPB Pensioners’ Appreciation event at the Ashton Rutty Centre.
A prize recipient gets one of many vouchers donated by sponsors.
Members of the top table enjoy the event’s entertainment.
The Layman E. Scott choir perform well.
A Creek and Spot Bay Primary School student recites an amusing monologue.


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