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Book your Cayman Islands’ cabana online

  • Public Works Department introduces new online booking service.
  • Residents can book cabanas at all public parks and beaches managed by the department.

GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – Accessing Cayman’s beaches and parks has become easier, thanks to a new online service.  Residents can now book cabanas at all 12 public parks, and 7 public beaches through the Public Works Department’s (PWD) online booking system at no charge.

“Ensuring that our people can benefit from our natural environment is of great importance to government,” comments Hon. Joseph Hew, Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure. “This new system makes it easier for the public to gain access to our beaches and parks, and to have a richer experience when they do use these spaces,” he adds.

The reservation system, which requires users to create an account, can be found by visiting PWD’s Once customers have logged in they will be able view the systems calendar to ensure their desired date is available, pick the facility they would like to use and even chose which cabana they would like to reserve.

Once a booking is complete, customers will be sent a confirmation email which they will need to print off and bring with them as proof of their reservation.

“This is a tremendous example of putting the customer first,” states His Excellency the Acting Governor, Mr. Franz Manderson. “I commend the Public Works Department for developing this system and eliminating unnecessary paper work for our customers. It efforts like this that moves the Civil Service forward in its pursuit to provide world-class service.”

PWD Director Max Jones notes that in addition to offering an easier and more efficient way to book cabanas, security is an important feature of the system. “While you can see if facilities are booked, customer’s personal information will not be shared, and your privacy will be maintained.”

Customers who do make bookings will continue to be responsible for cleaning up the spaces after use. Also, the system will not allow for multiple consecutive bookings as a way to ensure accessibility of the facilities for all.

Mr. Jones also notes that customers are still able to visit the PWD office to book cabanas. “We understand that some customers will still want that personal interaction, so we will maintain that service, but we are thrilled to be able to offer this level of convenience for those what want it.”



  1. Cabanas, like the ones at Seven Mile Public Beach, can be reserved using PWD’s online booking system.


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