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Bonaventure Boys’ Home plans put on hold

Following objections to the expansion of Bonaventure Boys’ Home, the Minister for Community Affairs, Youth and Sports, Hon. Osbourne Bodden; Chief Officer, Dorine B. Whittaker and the Chairperson of Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation, Mr. Garth Arch, met with residents of Coral Gables, West Bay on Saturday, 4 February 2017.

The meeting was well attended by residents, and the four West Bay MLAs, who raised concerns about the proximity of the expansion of the Home to their properties. Attendees were also concerned about the intention to offer a more secure building in their neighbourhood for children who have been sentenced or remanded by the Court.

After hearing from the residents, Minister Bodden promised to take their concerns to Caucus for consideration to assist the Government in finding a way forward with a new policy decision.

The Minister said, “I am cognisant of the urgent need for such a secure facility for children on Youth Rehabilitation Orders, and will do all I can to ensure this is built sooner than later. The plans already exist for the building and can easily be adapted to another site. The CAYS Foundation is of a like mind and we will ensure this badly needed facility is built by 2018.”

In the meantime, the Minister advises that the expansion of Bonaventure Boys Home, which is currently before the Central Planning Authority, will be put on hold to give the Government time to revisit potential options.


IMAGE: Anathi Project


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