September 21, 2020

Boeing 737 Bursts Into Flames After Crash Landing


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From Caribbean News Service

, Peru, Mar 31 2017 – Passengers on board a Boeing 737 had a lucky escape this week after their plane missed the runway – and burst into flames.

The aircraft, on approach, swerved to the right.

The wing crashed into the ground, causing fuel to start leaking out of the aircraft.

A fire then began to form along the fuel line, eventually reaching the damaged aircraft – which had now skidded to a halt on the grass.

Emergency services rushed to the scene to extinguish the blaze and treat passengers.

In total, 141 people were onboard the aircraft. There were no serious injuries.

Peruvian Airlines said that the jet drove off the runway for unspecified reasons during the scheduled landing.

A spokesman said: “At the time of landing at the de Jauja Airport; Our aircraft OB-2036 a Boeing 737-300, turned on the right side, veering off the runway.

“Thanks to the pilot’s expertise and the high professionalism of our cabin crew, a major mishap was avoided.

“The 141 passengers who were on board were evacuated by our crew, with no passengers injured by accident.”

An investigation has now been launched into the incident.

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