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Blog trends to attract an audience in 2020

Summary: Blogging continues to charm the audience and for website owners, whether bloggers or business websites, it’s still the centric part of their content marketing strategy. And with time, it’s evolving. Let’s find out how blogging is wooing readers and getting results for the owners in 2020.

People love reading blogs to gain more information, learn new trends, and for entertainment. They often pick on exciting blogs relevant to their search and those that appear first on search engines. It may take you some time to establish your blog in your niche without the best tips for creating blog content.

Keeping your blog relevant and growing needs you to use the most effective content marketing strategies. Some of the below blog trends help you create content preferred by consumers. 

Writing long-detailed articles 

Long-form content creates high internet traffic because of the many keywords to the total number of word ratio used and the in-depth researched writing that provides value to the readers. Writing them ensures you provide your audience with detailed information to suit their reading hunger. Ensure they are of high quality and informative to maintain readers on your site and revisit it often.

Use keyword subsets to ensure you do not end up repeating a target word more than the required times. You then build traffic to your site with ease while benefiting from readers and higher rankings in search engines. Start doing away with short-form content and see how your pillar posts and long-form articles increase your engagement.

Competitive content ideas using tools

Research topic ideas and trending content from tools like Buzzsumo, Ubersuggest, Ahref content explorer, etc. Writing detailed, quality content wins you many battles in the blogging world. It needs you to take most of your time to write them but it is worth the while. It is a treasure trove to tap on that helps you create effective content of benefit to your audience. 

As per an experienced blogger, take some time to analyze your target audience and come up with an effective content strategy for your blog. Carry out quality research on each topic before writing your blog article. Search your competitors on Google and try to find out the kind of valuable content they write and use that information on your pillar pages.

Summarizing comprehensive content

Create short structured blogs full of relevant information on a single page to suit some of your audiences. They are often in a rush leaving them with the option to skim through a blog post. Come up with images to help them get the point fast alongside your mini-blog post.

As mentioned by essay writing service UK, use online grammar tools to help you state your points clearly and in the right order to make them more efficient. They make you sound more professional and give you extra tips to make it engaging. The dwell time on your page is less, but the amount of relevance to your audience makes them trust your brand more.

Maintain a constant online presence 

Create a posting schedule or use an online analytics tool to help you post your blogs. The blogging trend maintains higher engagement levels with your audience. Carry out extensive research on the latest news in your niche, update them on time to maintain their trust in your site as a valuable source of information.

Maintain the number of times you post per day and the specific time to help you generate high traffic. Provide your users with relevant information based on their likings, age, and gender. You should also be diverse and try to combine different writing techniques to open doors for bigger marketing opportunities.

Investing in freelance writers

Outsource by using freelance writers to help you manage your frequent posting. The number of trending news increases each day, making it close to impossible for you to manage to create trending blogs alone. A professional help gives you time to focus on important issues like marketing your blog posts.

It helps you diversify your reach through their various perspectives of news that benefits your blog audience. Do not waste time sending application posters online, but instead search for the best writing companies to help you find relevant blog writers. They provide you with professionals who are sure to write quality blogs.

Optimizing your blog to suit different devices 

You have different blog audiences who fall in love with your content but use different devices often. Most of them use phones to read your blog posts when caught up in traffic or having some morning coffee. It makes it crucial for you to optimize your site to suit them.

Use a web designer to structure your site to enhance the easy reading of your blog posts on phones and laptops. You also need to revise your fonts, page layout, and writing methods. Make them more user-friendly on mobile and any other device that preserves the original aim of your blog site.

Producing captivating videos

Build your blog audience by optimizing your written content to create videos. Use video creating tools online to help you design fun and engaging videos. They trim them to leave you with relevant parts, enhance its look with the best filters, and allows you to include written content within the video. 

It substitutes for mini-blogs as curated content is meant to relieve your readers from the strains of skimming through your blogs. Videos are great editorial strategies that do not cost you much. All you need is a camera with high-quality lenses and a video editing app on your phone or laptop.

Creating engaging content 

Engaging blogs keep your audience glued to your site and always wanting to get back when they find the time. Asking relevant questions based on trending topics helps them chime in their opinions of value. Carry out surveys on various topics discussed in your blogs and let them share their vast experiences.

Create a blog strategy where you outline the content in order of priority with relevant blog infographics. Use microblogging apps like Twitter and Instagram to reach out to an increased blog audience through the many relevant hashtags you provide.

Investing in relevant marketing strategies 

Have many platforms where you share your content with your blog audience. They are everywhere. You need to be where they are daily and engage with them. Work on an omnichannel presence strategy so create Instagram hashtags for your posts and tweet the same content on Twitter to keep all your audiences on the same page.

Analyze every platform and invest in influencers to market your blogs to the target audience. Use Facebook ads to communicate to your audience about new posts on your site. Link them to your website through these ads and let them find relevant blog posts ready to stimulate their minds.

Being dynamic 

Content marketing is a field that keeps changing to meet consumer needs. Today morning’s trending blog post loses relevancy to your blog audience at noon. Ensure you remain on your toes every time and have a skilled and hard-working blog team to back you up.

Increase your audience by initiating guest blogging with other bloggers in your niche. Learn from their tactics and use them when reaching out to your blog audience in the next blog posts. Tap on influencer outreach to market your blogs and increase your levels of recognition to more people.


It takes a few initiatives to be a successful blogger using some added hard work and creativity. You enjoy following the blog tips above to increase your reach and influence more people to associate with your blogs. It takes some time to grow but it is worth your while, in the end, to ensure you remain above your competitors. Take the initiative to start improving your content and increase your blog audience using the trends above. 

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James Murphy is a full-time academic writer working with a thesis and dissertation writing service as the lead writer and editor. He is married with two lovely toddlers that keep him busy when he’s not at work, and he loves cheering for the New York Yankees when they are in action.


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