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Bionic bartenders

Bionic bartenders are mixing up a good time for Royal Caribbean (VIDEO)

From Porthole Cruise

With speed, accuracy, and precision, the bartenders at Bionic Bar mix up unique cocktails for thirsty guests. How they got so good at their job aboard Royal Caribbean International ships isn’t a mystery, they were built that way.

These bartenders are robots.

Robots tend to conjure images of R2-D2 or the Terminator movies where hyper-intelligent machines perform spectacular feats outside the realm of human possibility. At Bionic Bar, the machines are less concerned with the battle between good and evil and more concerned with making sure guests have ample spirits to enjoy.

Built by Makr Shakr, an Italian robotics company, it takes each machine about a minute to mix a cocktail and the best part? There’s no need to tip. Choose from the drink menu on hand or dream up a custom spirit then watch as your android mixologist gets to work.

It’s almost like a dance. The robotic arms move with an unexpected grace as they pour, twist and shake. No wasted movements throughout the whole production keep things moving so they can serve more than 1,000 drinks per day! A simple swipe of your room key completes the transaction.

Just like any good bartender, the robots add their own personal flair to each drink they make. However, you’ll have to order one yourself to find out just what it is.

What Else is New Aboard Royal Caribbean International?

Robotic bartenders aren’t the only way technology is changing how we cruise. Check out the Royal Caribbean website to see all the amenities featured on board their luxury cruise liners.

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