October 27, 2020

BBC’s appalling new logo


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BBCThree_logo_responses BBC_Three_old_logoPeople are baffled by Three’s ‘appalling’ new logo

BY SAM HAYSOM From Mashable

LONDON — So BBC Three unveiled their new logo on Monday morning and — unsurprisingly — people had a few things to say about.

The old BBC Three logo had the word “three” written in a jaunty font below the standard BBC blocks. It was fairly simple, and fitted into the corporation’s style of writing the channel number out beneath their recognisable company-wide logo.

The new logo, meanwhile, is quite a bit different.

Sadly, not everyone was as excited by the revamped design.

Many people thought the logo could have been for BBC Two.

Others made comparisons to a scene from W1A, a BBC Two comedy series that parodies inside the BBC itself (and which sometimes seems to blur the line between fiction and reality).

Similarities were found in more random places.

Twitter mockery aside, though, there are some people who seem to like the logo. And BBC Three have managed to keep upbeat about the whole thing, too.

4 13:00: BBC Three have tweeted a link to a blog post explaining the creative process behind their new logo (along with a Vine that suggests the W1A similarity may not be an accident after all).

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