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Barbadians in Cayman Islands gear up for 50th Anniversary Celebrations


From Bajan Reporter

The Honorary Consul to Barbados Mrs. Juliette Gooding-Michelin, and the Barbadian community in the Cayman Islands, are planning a number of activities to mark Barbados’ 50th anniversary of Independence this year.

On 30 November 2016, Barbados will mark the 50th anniversary of Independence from Great Britain. Barbadians at home and in the Bajan Diaspora are planning various activities to celebrate the milestone.

The activities being planned for the Cayman Islands include a banquet at the new Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa, with some traditional Barbadian dishes on the menu. There will also be a church service where Barbadians will give thanks for their nation of Barbados, and enjoy fellowship with each other and their non-Barbadian friends and well wishers. There are also plans for a Bajan cultural fair in June at the Lions Centre and an exposition highlighting all Things Barbadian at a location still to be confirmed. It is anticipated that a Minister from the Government of Barbados will be in Cayman for some of these events.

Ms. Gooding-Michelin added, “Fifty years is a significant milestone in Barbados‘ history and should be celebrated as such. Taking Barbados into independence, its political leaders at the time, sought to chart the country’s course and take full responsibility for its direction. Many initiatives were born, designed to improve the lives of all Barbadians.”

The Honorary Consul explained that it is entirely appropriate to celebrate this occasion in the Cayman Islands. She said, “Barbadians have made (and continue to make) significant contributions to the development and economy of the Cayman Islands in areas such as education, banking and law enforcement, and have made Cayman their home. This relationship with Cayman began as far back as the early 1900s when Charles Henry Goring moved to the Cayman Islands, married his Caymanian wife and started a private school at his home where many now prominent citizens were among his students. Goring Avenue is named after this Barbadian who adopted the Cayman Islands as his home. In addition, Barbadians are actively involved in various civic and community organisations where we give back through these mediums, to the Cayman Islands.”

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