September 30, 2020

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce launches Growth Matters Initiative


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The Chamber of Commerce launched the Growth Matters Initiative last week.
The Growth Matters Initiative is a series of 10 animated, educational and fun videos that have been developed over several months, with the intention of educating the community about the importance of economic growth, and how growth is attained.
Education is the key focus of the Chamber of Commerce this year, and these videos are an important component of our educational outreach and strategy.
“Economic growth is vital to the future of the Cayman Islands,” said . “The aim of these videos is to educate residents about our economy and the benefits of economic growth. Growth creates employment and generates revenue for Government to spend on infrastructure and other essential services that improve our quality of life. A strong and growing economy is beneficial to us all and we hope that these videos will be both entertaining and educational.”
The opening video explains economic growth generally, showing where our money comes from, and helping people to better understand the rhythm of our economy.
The later videos in the series take an in-depth look at specific industries, as well as the direct effects of economic growth. The videos connect business and community success with economic growth and how it leads to improved living standards, and the important role that international businesses and investors play in growing our economy.
The series concludes by explaining how the Government helps our economy to grow by creating an environment that makes the Cayman Islands an attractive place to invest, work and live.
Today’s cinema premiere is the start of a multi-week social media campaign. The next phase in the campaign will include the development of educational materials for schools, teaching students about economic growth.
“The Growth Matters Initiative isn’t just for adults, it’s aimed to young Caymanians and residents too,” adds Chamber CEO, . “Economic growth affects us all, and it’s vital that all of us, regardless of age, are fully aware of how our economy runs. We want to take this video series into schools to start a discussion about economic growth, and get our children understanding the Cayman Islands economy at a young age.”
The animated videos will be shown in the advertising segments prior to the start of movies shown on screens, and can be viewed online on a newly created website for the initiative:
The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following corporate sponsors for their financial support of this initiative.
– EY
– RBC (Royal Bank)
– Butterfield Bank
– CML Offshore Recruitment
– Appleby
– Davenport Development Ltd.
– Digicel
– Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
– HighWater
– Island Paving (1975) Ltd.
– Silver Wheaton
– Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants
– Conyers Dill & Pearman
– Scotiabank
– Burger King
– Fidelity
– Health City Cayman Islands
– Flow
– Foster’s IGA
– Aon
– Island Heritage
– Greenlight RE
– Pinnacle Media Ltd.
– Hot 104.1 FM

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