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Anthony Travers comments on Premier’s proposed tax on work permits

The significance for the Cayman Islands and, particularly the financial services industry, goes far beyond the $50million intended to be raised.  The confidence placed by investors in the tax free status of the Cayman Islands is based, not simply on…

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“Rollover must change says Tony Travers”

Anthony Travers would agree with Ezzard Miller about rolling over expatriates, but the North Side MLA cannot say how to replace the financial-service’s $275 million per year in government revenues. Nor can Mr Miller say, Mr Travers charged, what other…

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The Times they are a Changing

It is a pity that the excellent speech given by the Premier at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Westin Tuesday 28th September was not televised in its entirety.  Had it been so, it could have been considered by…

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Rollover the Rollover

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to numerous well wishers who in some way regard my fierce criticisms of the rollover policy over a number of years as having resulted in the two year suspension commendably announced by…

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Letter from Hong Kong – A Tale of Two Cities

“For a city without any natural resources, a non competitive immigration policy is a policy which contributes to our economic non competitiveness.  This is a fight we can ill afford to lose”. This was not, as it well might have…