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Australia’s leading bookmaker joins forces with a leading horse racing organization

Points Bet, which lets people bet on sports in 13 states in the U.S., announced last October that a tie-up with a horse racing Company is in the works. The Australia-based bookmaker said that a subsidiary had made a partnership deal with a division of the Stronach Group, “North America’s dominant Thoroughbred horse racing company.” The goal was to get more customers and sell more things to them.

As part of the deal, products, and content for betting on horse races will be added to the PointsBet sportsbook app. A separate platform with the PointsBet brand is also being made.

In October, PointsBet CEO Sam Swanell said, “It is expected that the PointsBet-branded advance deposit wagering solution will launch in early 2023. The advance deposit wagering solution will give PointsBet an online betting presence in over 30 U.S. states, including places where we don’t currently offer sports betting.” “It’s important to note that PointsBet will cross-sell its growing list of racing customers to its sports betting and iGaming businesses.”

Other bookmakers are getting into horse racing. Caesars Entertainment, Inc. has both the Caesars Sportsbook app and the Caesars Racebook app, both available in eight states, including Maryland, most recently.

BetMGM, on the other hand, has an app for horse races. The MGM App can be used in Florida, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Betting on Horse Races for Sports

Horse racing is an old sport that is popular from Asia to Oceania. Its appeal has stayed almost the same for thousands of years, even though it has changed as a sport and a way to bet on which horse will finish first.

Horse racing has changed from a simple race between horses to test their speed and stamina to a massive event with races worth billions of dollars. Each country has its traditions for horse racing.

Horse racing today involves significant amounts of money, cutting-edge tracking technology, and more ways to bet than you can shake a stick at.

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Bet Now Lets You Bet on Other Sports

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NOTE: Gambling is illegal in the Cayman Islands


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