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From better to best: ASICS launches METASPEED™ SKY PARIS & METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS, helping runners feel and perform at their best


Find your speed and move your mind with the new METASPEED™ PARIS SERIES, re-designed to deliver an even lighter, bouncier and faster ride. 

[February 28, 2024 – KOBE, JAPAN] – ASICS today proudly launches two new models in the flagship METASPEED™ Series – the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS. The shoes combine ASICS’ advanced technologies to support runners who want to feel and perform at their best when chasing down new personal bests.

The shoes are the result of a rigorous design and testing process, led by ASICS Institute of Sport Science, involving a number of third-party testers and over one hundred elite athletes around the world. As a result, ASICS has further improved the METASPEED™ series by lightening the shoe, making it both softer and bouncier, and revamping the configuration of its full-length carbon plate.

The METASPEED™ Concept

In 2021, ASICS achieved an industry first by simultaneously launching two new speed shoes, the METASPEED™ SKY and METASPEED™ EDGE, specifically designed with two distinct running styles in mind.

The team behind the two shoes – codenamed “C-Project” – broke new ground by taking a human-centric design approach. Having noticed that the racing shoes of the time were only favouring one type of runner, ASICS was able to help a number of athletes reach new heights as, for the first time, they did not need to adjust their running style to fit their shoe. Rather, ASICS could give them the best shoes to support their running style and help them find their speed.

The new METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS shoes are tailored for the STRIDE and CADENCE running styles respectively. Crucially they feature a revamped design to previous models, helping maintain the ideal posture and foot strike angle as runners become fatigued, so they conserve more energy for later in the race.

From Better to Best

The new METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS have been improved in three key aspects from their predecessors. Firstly, both shoes have been lightened by approximately 22g. This significant reduction in weight gives the shoes a weightless feel, providing runners with a light and springy feeling. This has been achieved in part due to a combination of a new MOTION WRAP™ UPPER 2.0, which has made the shoes’ upper lighter as well as approximately 8% more breathable, and the introduction of a new FF BLAST™ TURBO PLUS midsole foam.

Both shoes have been fitted with the FF BLAST™ TURBO PLUS midsole foam, which as well as being lighter is softer and bouncier than the previous versions. This added cushioning helps support longer distance runs across both training and competition, so that athletes can save their legs for when it matters the most.

Another notable improvement in METASPEED™ SKY PARIS is the widening of the full-length carbon plate in the forefoot region of the shoe, which has been strategically positioned to improve the overall bounce from the foam during toe off. METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS sets up the carbon plate position ideal for cadence runners, and has been updated to minimal design for a better toe-off and lighter weight. The forefoot has also been constructed using a brand new last, designed based on diligent analysis from ASICS’ development team to provide better arch support and a stable platform for even the quickest of runs.

The ASICS Design Philosophy

Central to the creation of the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS has been ASICS’ unique design philosophy, dedicated to creating superior products and technologies that are validated by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science and athletes to enable all runners to feel and perform at their best.

“Compared to the previous models, the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS has evolved into a lighter and bouncier shoe, which gave me the confidence to achieve a new personal best”commented Vincent Kipkemoi Ngeitch, second-place finisher after his marathon debut at the 2023 Berlin Marathon.

Belgium marathoner runner Michael Somers said “The new METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS is the fastest and lightest version yet. The shoes are bouncy, responsive and most importantly fast. I’ve never felt more confident in my stride.”

Shuhei Takemura, project leader of the METASPEED™ series product development, at ASICS said: “2024 is a hugely important year in the sport of running, so we are proud to be unveiling the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS at the start of the season. These new silhouettes are the result of meticulous work by our team at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, working closely in collaboration with third-party experts and athletes across the globe, to deliver a new pinnacle in racing shoes for the brand. Our hope is that they will power our athletes to achieve more personal bests and racing successes across the 2024 calendar.”

The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS shoes will be available for men and women from ASICS retail and online stores from March 4, 2024, for 250 EURO.

To find out more about the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS shoes and the advanced technologies, please visit

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