October 20, 2020

Aren’t we all heroes?


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Last weekend Grand Cayman made big news with the report on the persons who were honoured at the Heroes Day celebrations in George Town (23). I was not one of the recipients of a gong I could have proudly worn on my chest telling everyone “I AM A HERO.”

I went to an after celebration party for one of the medal recipients where we all showed our pleasure at this lovely lady becoming one of our country’s newest heroes. Like the others she richly deserved being
so honoured.

I looked around and I thought everyone here is in some way a hero. Even myself. In someone else’s eyes we are all heroes. From the very first day we were born we became a hero. We survived our mother’s womb and our parents were heroes for ‘producing’ you and me.

My friends are my heroes, for putting up with me. The same thing can be said for my work mates.

At one time in our lives our children thought of us as their hero. They actually worshipped us. It might have only been a few years or months but at some time they did. My ex partner probably thought me a hero and this was reciprocal.

If we believe “I am a hero” then we can actually go about our whole life living up to that image. The rest of the world may recognise it, too.  It doesn’t really matter if they don’t. Aren’t we all heroes?

Let’s have an All Heroes Day. We can all give ourselves a medal then even if it’s an imaginary one.

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