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Antigua: Man who sexually abused mentally challenged teen seeks to appeal his conviction

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A man convicted of sexual crimes against a mentally challenged 14-year-old girl will have to wait a while longer to contest his conviction since his appeal hearing was adjourned at the ongoing Court of Appeal sittings in Antigua & Barbuda.

Simon Davis is serving a total 20 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of eight counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of buggery on the teenager.

Davis, who is now in his mid-50s, was convicted in 2012 for the incidents which occurred two years prior.

During sentencing, the trial judge imposed a penalty of eight years imprisonment on each count of the unlawful sexual intercourse and 12 years on the buggery charge.

While the sentences for the counts of unlawful sexual intercourse were ordered to run concurrently the sentence for the buggery conviction was ordered to run consecutively.

The appeal was adjourned since the transcript of Davis’ sentencing hearing cannot be located.

The Justices of Appeal ruled the defence attorney must meet with prosecutors to seek to agree on the notes of the sentencing hearing and each party must file appropriate submissions in time for the next sitting of the Court of Appeal in Antigua & Barbuda in June.

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