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Another investor lawsuit filed over Puerto Rico bonds

Gavel and money

From Caribbean News Now

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A securities arbitration law firm on Friday filed a claim against UBS Financial Services Inc. of Puerto Rico and UBS Financial Services, Inc. (collectively “UBS”) for $8.5 million.

According to the claim, the claimant entrusted assets to UBS with the investment objective of capital preservation. However, UBS ultimately concentrated the account in Puerto Rico government bonds (PRGBs) and its proprietary Puerto Rico closed-end bond funds (UBS PR CEBFs), which are leveraged and concentrated in PRGBs.

UBS purchased and held for the claimant PRGBs and UBS PR CEBFs, both of which are closely tied to the performance of Puerto Rico’s economy. The claimant believed the purchases were consistent with their low risk tolerance. However, the over concentration in these PRGBs and UBS PR CEBFs was fraught with excessive risk given the claimant’s investment objective and risk tolerance.

UBS failed to disclose to the claimant the risks associated with over concentrating the account in these securities. Had this information and the true nature of the risk of the recommended allocation been known to the claimant or properly disclosed, he would not have invested his assets in these products.

The law firm representing the claimant, Klayman & Toskes, in conjunction with Carlo Law Offices, is currently investigating, on behalf of their clients, the sales practices of UBS in connection with investment recommendations provided to their customers.

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