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Airport with lush gardens

Singapore’s upcoming airport won’t feel like one, with lush gardens and indoor waterfalls

BY VICTORIA HO From Mashable

Airports are often merely places to kill a couple of hours during transit, but Singapore’s upcoming extension to its airport is going to make travellers want to hang out a little longer.

Changi Airport just released teaser footage of its planned Jewel complex, a sprawling 134,000 square metre (approximately 33 American football fields) mall that’ll open in 2019.

And it looks well worth the wait. Apart from shops and restaurants, the mall will also include indoor gardens and walking trails.

On its top floor are two 500 square metre mazes by renowned UK maze designer, Adrian Fisher — one made of hedges, and the other comprised of a series of mirrors.

Large bouncy nets stretch across the top floor, designed by Germany’s Officium and French trampoline park maker, Chien Noir, also offer a walking path with a three-storey look down — if you can handle it.

Sky nets and bouncy trampolines.

Oh, you need a clearer look down at the drop? Sure, a glass-floored canopy bridge about seven-storeys above ground will let you walk over the foliage in one of Jewel’s indoor forests.

Changi Airport says the bridge is the best vantage point to view the 40-metre-high Rain Vortex.

Just look at it.

Singapore’s airport has been a traveller favourite for years. This year, it was voted world’s best at the World Airport Awards for the fifth time running.

Looks like the Jewel will secure Changi’s place in the rankings for quite a few more years down the road.


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