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Advantages of using RFID Attendance system in school

From WN

The advent of technology has simplified many operations in many organizations. The Radio Frequency Identification, simply known as RFID was developed to replace the barcode technology. This system, however, has more advantages as compared to the barcode reader.

The RFID consists of two components which are the RFID reader and RFID tag. This article will highlight the advantages of using RFID system in schools.

Enhanced storage capacity

One of the notable advantage of the RFID system over the barcode reader is its high capacity to store more information. The tags in the system have been developed to allow it to accommodate more information.

This makes the RFID system the most convenient platform to store student records in schools as it will not require a lot of storage space. This system has also been developed in a way that is easy to understand and take instructions from the user.

Easy tracking

Unlike other systems, the RFID tags are developed in a way that allows the user to easily track the students throughout the stay in school. The history of the students is kept well by the system. This, therefore, allows anyone to find the information of a particular individual many years after finishing school.

Other than storing the general information about the students, it has the capacity to monitor the performance of students throughout their stay in school. This makes it easier for the school to process student transcript when needed.

Monitors attendance

Many schools have opted for the RFID based attendance systembecause of the inbuilt time-in and time-out feature. This feature allows students and other school staff to sign in when they report and also sign out when they are leaving. This has enabled many schools to do away with the manual register to monitor the attendance of the students and workers.

The RFID based attendance system has also enabled the school administration to ensure only accredited people access the school premises. This goes a long way in enhancing the general security within the school. It is for these two reasons that principals and other school administrators are advised to have the RFID attendance system for school.

Schools and organizations that have installed this system are efficiently running their activities without incurring extra costs. Money that could have otherwise been used to buy registers, employ more security guards among other things has been put into other meaningful projects.


  1. A) “find[ing] the information of a particular individual many years after finishing school” has nothing to do with RFID and is all about the database management.
    B) Now coming to a school near you, kids with their friends’ ID cards to clock them in to the lecture hall.


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