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A Petition – “Bring Back Cayman Islands Governor Choudhury”

Circulating throughout the Cayman Islands is a people-initiated petition calling for the UK Government to “Bring Back Governor Choudhury”.

Since the UK recalled Governor Anwar Choudhury on June 12, 2018 they have not released any information at all on the reasons why he was recalled or the subject of the investigation.

Fresh in the minds of people in the Cayman Islands is the offhanded way both the local and UK governments withheld information about “Operation Tempura” and associated investigations. As a direct result of these investigations and arrests, to date the cost to Cayman Islands taxpayers is over CI$10 million, with several unsettled pending legal cases against the Cayman Islands Government.

The UK Government initiated the investigations, but the Cayman Islands taxpayers are paying the costs.

Both the UK and local governments continue to flout both the spirit and letter of their Freedom of Information Laws, requiring many requests for information unnecessarily going to appeal before requested information is released.

The objective of the petition is stated as:
“In view of the foregoing considerations, we, the undersigned Electors of the Cayman Islands request: That if no criminal actions are found to have been committed by Mr. Anwar Choudhury that would warrant action as serious as his removal from office, but only consists of personal complaints by disgruntled individuals in whatever capacity, or displeased persons due to change in the order of things, that Mr. Anwar Choudhury be returned and reinstated as Governor of the Cayman Islands as soon as possible.”

A website, with the petition, has been established to keep interested persons informed:

For further information about the petition or to assist in collecting signatures of electors send an email to:
[email protected]

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Bring Back Governor Choudhury

A people initiated action in the best interests of the Cayman Islands

Petition Signing Locations In response to public support for the “Bring Back Governor Choudhury”

petition, signing locations are at the following:

Rayburn Ebanks (Smith Road Fruit Vendor, Smith Road, George Town)

Funky Tangs (Shedden Road, George Town)

Renaissance Salon and Spa (Walkers Road, below RCIPS Records Office, George Town)

Simply Computers (West Shore Center, West Bay Road)

Sunset House (South Church Street, George Town)

If you will be a signature collection location or personal volunteer to assist in collecting signatures, then please send an email to:

[email protected]

Also visit the website:



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