October 3, 2022

A juggling act [in the Cayman Islands]

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Balance_post-640x380A Juggling Act… Work, Life, Play, & Finding Balance

At Balance Cayman we believe that physical movement is truly the connection between mind, body and spirit. Balance Cayman (formerly Innovative Fitness) was originally founded in 2002 by Sue Merren. Having worked with dedicated clientele throughout various locations on Grand Cayman over the last several years, Sue had a vision of providing her clients with a “home away from home” setting for their one-on-one, duet, and small group sessions. March, 2014, Sue opened the doors to Balance Cayman ~ an intimate, professional boutique fitness studio that offers clients a serene, friendly, results-oriented environment.

It seems that most of us struggle on a daily basis with the juggling act of trying to balance our roles as parents, spouses, business owners/employee, siblings, & friends. As for me, I play all of those roles in a day. On top of those roles, I’m a teacher, coach, boss, and caretaker of 2 crazy dogs & a bird. It’s nothing short of a miracle challenge for most of us to find a moment in the day in which we feel perfectly caught up on all the things we are expected to accomplish. Actually, how many of us really do find that moment? Not many, I’m sure…( and if you do find it, feel free to let me in on your secret!). However, balance isn’t something you would necessarily find in all of the roles that you play in a day. Balance is something you are always moving towards and striving for. The pendulum swings back and forth, rarely stopping in the middle to allow us to actually feel we have finally arrived at that place of complete accomplishment in all of our roles.

Truth be told, it’s more like this: One week, you will stay late to get that project finally done at work, but the house will be a disaster. The following week, you will be spot on with your diet and exercise routine, but your desk at work is a mess. Then the week after that, you might catch up at work, but your spouse is working late every night and you have no time for yourself when you get home because your kids/pets need your attention. Then, the week after that, you get so wrapped up in taking care of your family and business, that your friends feel neglected. You get the picture. Balance isn’t a final destination, or somewhere we arrive and stay forever, but something that we strive for in all the pillars of our lives on a daily basis. Giving ourselves permission to not be completely on top of every role that we play, at any given time, allows us to step back a little, breathe easier, and take some pressure off of ourselves in our quests to be on top of our game. Of course, nobody is perfect, and no-one’s life is perfectly balanced, and that’s totally ok.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you find some peace in your day, even if the house is a disaster and your to-do list is still a mile long.

Find Time for Yourself: Whether you spend a few minutes before anyone in your house wakes up, take some time to yourself before bed, or a quiet moment in your office, just take that time to reflect on what matters to you and what you are grateful for. It’s important to look for gratitude in any situation. All of us have much to be grateful for no matter what our current situation may be.

Find Time for Exercise: This is why I do what I do for a living. Honestly, it is THE best medicine. Ever. Period. Just find a way that you love to move and go do it! I promise you will feel better for it.

Find Time to Connect: Who else can we just let loose with and be ourselves besides our closest friends? It’s important to establish and maintain social connections. Studies prove that those with close social connections actually live longer and healthier lives. So go ahead hook up with your besties for a night on the town, a walk in the fresh air, a quick catch up over coffee, or something else that you enjoy doing with them.

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