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A Divine Super Sue

Cayman National Choir and Orchestra wow with “A Night Divine”

By Georgina Wilcox

‘Super Sue’ is Sue Horrocks who is the Musical Director of the Cayman National Choir and Cayman National Orchestra.

Not only is ‘Super Sue” Musical Director, at the Choir and Orchestra’s annual Christmas production she also conducted the choir and the orchestra. On the two occasions she didn’t, she was at the piano (accompanying the choir) and played the flute when Johnathan Taylor took charge of the orchestra.

As the conductor’s podium was in two different places she had to scramble between them when conducting the choir or the orchestra or both. As some members of the choir were also musicians she had to maneuver around them, too. At one time she even called out, “It’s gridlock” when everyone involved in this scampering to their places came to an abrupt stop.

I don’t know of any conductor who has had to do all these things, or capable of executing them with such proficiency when in charge of a concert as M/s Horrocks. That’s why she is ‘Super’.

Elmslie United Church was the venue for “A Night Divine” last Tuesday (12) and it was a perfect description. I don’t remember being so filled with enjoyment at not only the enthusiasm and warmth of everybody involved, and that included us the audience, at any concert I have attended before. That includes the professional ones I have had the luck of being in the audience at in the UK, North America and Latin America.

Elmslie church was packed like sardines in a can as was the choir and orchestra. It was chaotic but it was so typically Christmas.

The music comprised familiar carols, and many we joined in with the choir and orchestra, whilst others we left to the musicians and choir were special arrangements. The orchestral piece that produced the biggest cheer was ‘Christmas Rocks at The Pops’. Elmslie church rocked on that one.

Well done Choir and Orchestra that seems to grow every time I attend their concerts.

It was DIVINE.

NOTE: If you missed the performance it will be repeated Thursday (14) at 7:30pm Elmslie Memorial Church, Harbour Drive, GT. I arrived at 7PM and even then all the best seats had been taken and it was two thirds full.


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