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9 ways to strengthen sibling bond when your sibling stays abroad

Although family relations are the strongest ties one can have, there might occur compatibility issues every now and then. It usually begins with having the most attention of parents or quarrel over toys and, it changes to competition during youth about who has the better possessions and as the person ages, there comes obsessiveness for the parental property that they get irritated with their sibling time and again.

No-matter how much you don’t want to be with your sibling, they are the only person whom you can trust as much as you trust your parents. They will choose to stand by you through thick and thin, unlike fake friends. To keep the relationship strong, there are some efforts required from your end too. Here are a few ways which you can use to strengthen your bond with your sibling, especially if they are abroad:

Bless Them

Blessing your sibling will bring a huge difference in the relationship that you currently have with them. Blessing them will strengthen your relation. It is not necessary to bless them by telling them. You can always say prayers for them in your mind and you will ultimately feel good about it.

Be Patient

Whenever you feel irritated about something that your sibling has done, think of all the good times you have spent with them and calm yourself without reacting. If you lose patience, then you lose love and respect from everyone.

Don’t Annoy Them

Be attentive to their irritations and problems. Understand when they are not in the mood to talk things out and make sure not to annoy them during that period (especially calling them names or bullying them over the call).

Be Giving

Your sibling will always look up to you during times of need, make sure that you are available for them and also make sure to keep the help that you extend to your sibling on their terms. If they don’t want anyone to know about it, don’t tell anyone (even your parents).

Never Forget Siblings Day

Sibling’s day is one day celebrated to honour the love and relationship of siblings. Make sure to celebrate the day with your sibling and you can also send rakhi online to make sure your sibling gets your love and affection in the form of a pure thread which they can tie to their wrist.

Send Mails

One thing that every person does every morning as soon as they open their eyes is check their mails. Write whatsoever happened to you or anything that happened in your family and send it to your sibling. They might not be having the time to talk over phone buy they will definitely smile while reading your mail.

Send Gifts on Festivals

Most of the times, staying away from the family in another country can make one really lonely. Make sure to send out gifts to your sibling on any festivity that you two celebrated together. You can send a red sock filled with chocolates on Christmas, a beautiful crescent moon made of glass on Eid, sweets on any Hindu Festival and you can also send rakhi to USA, Europe or any part of the world on Raksha Bandhan.

Use Technology

The best way to strengthen your bond with your sibling staying outside the country is by using technology. Use social media, Skype, Google Duos, WhatsApp, Telegram and other platform to schedule calls and connect to your siblings and tell them whatsoever happened in your life and discuss their life. Don’t forget to share pictures.

Wait for them to be back

Once your siblings are back, devote all your time for them. They deserve all your time and you deserve their time too. Share all your experiences when they were out and relive the memories of when you were together.

Use the above points to feel better about the relationship you have with your sibling. You are just a click away to connect and strengthen your bond with your sibling. Go for it!


  1. n many sibling relationships the rate of conflict can be high, but the fun times in the backyard and the basement more than balance it out. This net-positive is what predicts a good relationship later in life.


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